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This blog gives users an update on all changes to the website

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With our members map and launch maps a hit. We have added a new map


Here you can add any local clubs. Please add some useful information for our members.




The long awaited members and Launch sites maps has now been launched.

This Application has some features to start with but am open to other maps being added.

Firstly You are able to set your location so everyone can see your location. 

All you have to do is go to the members map or Launch site links in the above menu and select update/set your location.

Secondly We have added a Launch site Map.

This map is open to members to submit known launch sites they know and use. Together we can make a useful map for members to see what local launch sites are around their location (home and away).

Anyone at present can add a launch site without moderating but this is on a trial basis. 

All you have to do is go to the members map or Launch site links in the above menu and select browse Markers --> Select Launch sites --> click add a Marker

Fill in the required details and you are done. Within each marker you can add extra content for example pictures, addresses etc.


As with any new features we welcome any feedback and suggestions on other Maps that maybe useful.



PWCForums.co.uk Team


PWCForums.co.uk has the pleasure to announce we have enabled a new feature.

Our Calendars can now be linked to from our website to a range of systems you may have.

You can now Link our calendars to other calendars like Google Calendar or OutLook Calendar.

We also provide a feature that allows you to display the upcoming events on your own websites.

For futher infomation please visit our calendar section of the site



PWCForums.co.uk Team


We are now launching our new group pages on popular social media websites

Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/pwcForums

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/267220550041874/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrgGZBAm8Ukk1_k_JpP2qnQ

Google+ Account: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111569882263614350743?hl=en-GB

We will be looking for people wanting to submit videos to our youtube channel

We also have added new ways to login,

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Linkedin.

You can link your existing account to a social media account by clicking login by social media link and entering the username and password for that social media site and it will allow linking your accounts .


PWCForums Features being introduced

We are pleased to announce that we have released 2 membership plans.

Premium Membership and Platinum Membership

These packages give the member some extra features like , extra storage space, Advert free browsing, Exclusive discounts.

Please visit our shop for more information

Purchase your membership before 29th of February 2016 and Save 10%** using discount Code Feb10.


PWC Content Managers

We are looking for members that would like to apply to be a PWC Content Manager for the new main parts of the website.

These Managers will have moderator powers of the features on the sites sections

How To's, PWC Clubs, Articles, calendar, blogs, gallery.

we are allowing anyone to post reviews and articles but they will require approval from either :

The PWC Content Managers, Site Moderators or Admins.

As a PWC Content manager we will be giving away the top package of membership (Platinum) for free while being a PWC Content Manager.


If you are intrested in this opportunity to work with PWCForums.co.uk.

Please send me a Private message explaining

how you think you will be a good PWC Content Manager

how you can benefit the website with ideas

Please note these positions are limited and we will have a trial period.


** = This is on purchase not renewal , Prices on renewal will be at the standard membership rate.


PWCForums Features being introduced

Today we have had a play and are launching 4 new features

1) A section for PWC Clubs - here you can read some info about the club, contact info, read comments and reviews from members.

- Please send your suggestions of clubs that are not listed. We do check clubs and are setting procedures that each club will be contacted and given the chance to add information they would like added. (contact information will follow after this has been put in place.


2) Articles section.

Here we have set up a place that people can post their own reviews of products and their ski's.

Please note this is real reviews and not just a way to vent against a maker. For this reason both sections require moderation before approval.

As mentioned above we are looking for members that wish to help and take the role of managing the sections along with the team. For more information please see http://www.pwcforums.co.uk/index.php?/announcement/2-articles-section-under-construction/

3) A HOW To's Section

Here you can see how to do anything from a trick to How to Change a part in your ski. Please send you suggestions of categories to us below and if we feel that it is worth having on the site we will add them in.

4) A Gallery of videos and Pictures

We are just finishing off the Gallery where you can link to your youtube clips and get members to rate and comment on them, The same for the pictures you have, with you on the lakes etc.

Any suggestions please feel free to post below or PM me.