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PWC Forums Website Update



PWCForums Features being introduced

Today we have had a play and are launching 4 new features

1) A section for PWC Clubs - here you can read some info about the club, contact info, read comments and reviews from members.

- Please send your suggestions of clubs that are not listed. We do check clubs and are setting procedures that each club will be contacted and given the chance to add information they would like added. (contact information will follow after this has been put in place.


2) Articles section.

Here we have set up a place that people can post their own reviews of products and their ski's.

Please note this is real reviews and not just a way to vent against a maker. For this reason both sections require moderation before approval.

As mentioned above we are looking for members that wish to help and take the role of managing the sections along with the team. For more information please see http://www.pwcforums.co.uk/index.php?/announcement/2-articles-section-under-construction/

3) A HOW To's Section

Here you can see how to do anything from a trick to How to Change a part in your ski. Please send you suggestions of categories to us below and if we feel that it is worth having on the site we will add them in.

4) A Gallery of videos and Pictures

We are just finishing off the Gallery where you can link to your youtube clips and get members to rate and comment on them, The same for the pictures you have, with you on the lakes etc.

Any suggestions please feel free to post below or PM me.

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