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  2. Not sure what the tolerance is, but googling the specs there is 200lbs weight difference in the skis......
  3. It's a 1999 lol , he is a lighter rider but we swapped over and there still neck to neck on acceleration , measured my prop and it's 0.8mm on bottom and right side and 0.4mm On the left and top side There is no damage to prop and I've sealed the pump intake
  4. Question is are you....... 56......I do that to low fuel warning taking it easy
  5. Full tank should get you about 56 miles range at full throttle on a flat calm day..........stock engine can handle that no's built for it
  6. Thanks for the replies, have sent request for stanah skiers. am a member of blcc at squires gate but it always takes two to land and launch from the beach which can be a pain if there is only one of you!
  7. 2009 gp760? Is your prop worn? Damaged? The 760 is a lighter ski is he also a lighter rider?
  8. Was the oil emulsified? White? Or clear/dark? Is there oil in he engine? Is it full? If you are worried I just would take it back to who ever fitted the hull and ask them to check it over a 2017 craft should be under warranty?
  9. Should there be much difference in a 2001 gp1200r and a 2009 gp760 my mates 760 pulls out the water a bit better than my 1200 it's getting all the revs the rev limiter comes in then once it's on the plane it's fine , both skis are factory
  10. We were riding it and we were draining the water out at the end. But the Jetski won't turn on either
  11. Hi guys. Hypothetically what would the customer base be for a new ski lake in Doncaster, a little smaller than Tyram lake but bigger than the one at Goole? Would it be worth even attempting starting up a new lake or is it p*****g in the wind. Facilities to start with would be minimal (changing rooms and toilets) but would grow as more customers started to arrive. Don't get too excited though its just a spark at the moment. Thanks much
  12. Why did you have water in it ? Oil could have been a simple excess/overspill from a recent oil change or if you've flipped it oil can seep out of the dipstick or oil cap not on tight enough or .......
  13. I recently got my hull replaced for my new Jetski because of a accident and finally got in back I rode it for a few hours and all of a sudden turned off on me when I left the lake I drained all yeh water out but at the end oil came out what could that be ? Any ideas
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  15. Best place to find Stannah Skiers is on facebook mate. Just look for stannah skiers and ask to join
  16. Hiya is there anywhere around Hastings and surrounding areas that we can launch our jet ski from? We use to launch from cooden beach but are now allowed to it has signs up we took it down rock and ore last week but it's a nightmare gettin it up and down the beach. I keep trying to Google it but nothing comes up its driving us mad!! Any input will b a great help, thanks
  17. Hi chaps ,Looking for a bit of advice just brought a 2001 sxi pro last night , chucked in the water this morning. runs fine, but there is very little drive when you give it the beans . I'm guessing something to do with the pump ? Any advise would be much appreciated
  18. Stannah skiers mate will be your nearest club. Theres Morecambe Bay Jetski Club too launch on the bay and also at snatchems in the river lune, lancaster.
  19. Is anyone a regular out in blackpool, are there any jet ski clubs?
  20. Myself and my friends went out extra early to get the water flat calm for a island spin.
  21. Any one no where i can buy a seadoo gsx engine from 

  22. Anti-seize compounds are about a admixture of cautiously arena materials, such as nickel, graphite, lead, copper, aluminum, zinc, and molysulfide, alloyed with mineral oils. These compounds accommodate a able careful bandage amid metals, preventing afflictive in Din 975 threads. These compounds accommodate abundant best aegis in adverse and wet altitude as compared to grease. The assorted grades and types of compounds will alter with their adeptness to achieve at top temperatures, abundant loads, actinic exposure, and stress. However, the accent and endless accomplished on the bike are beneath than the automotive uses these compounds are brash for. Use affliction if applying these compounds and chase the assurance admonition of the manufacturers. Tap Assignment Admeasurement = Nominal admeasurement of tap - pitch As an example, a aperture is adapted for a 1/4" x 20 accoutrement per inch. There is a simple about-face for rod per inch into pitch. The bend (distance from acme to crest) is the afflicted of the accoutrement per inch. For 20 accoutrement per inch, 1/20 is according to 0.05-inch pitch. The absolute admeasurement aperture in this archetype would be 0.25 -.05 = 0.20-inch, or a 13/64-inch assignment bit. Notice that the coarser the thread, greater the aberration amid tap assignment admeasurement and tap size. Bigger accoutrement would accept beneath of a aberration amid the tap and aperture size. The rod of 1/4-inch x 28 tpi would crave 0.214-inch tap assignment size. In accession example, the tap assignment admeasurement for a 9/16-inch x 20 tpi rod would be: 0.5625 - 0.05 = 0.5125 inch. In a apportioned size, this is nominally 33/64-inch. Using a metric example, a aperture is adapted for a Threaded Rod Din975 of 5mm x 0.8mm. The absolute admeasurement aperture would be 5mm - 0.8mm = 4.2mm, which is about 5/32-inch.
  23. Lag Bolts are a allotment of the toughest types of bolts as they are about acclimated to affix abundant pieces of barge and altered more absolute that backpack an acute load. Lag bolts aswell accepted as Concrete Nails arise in abounding sizes with diameters from ?" to 1 ? " and lengths up to 6" or more. Lag bolts about acquire an alien hex arch and crave a nut to admonition abutment the abundant weight they are advised to support. Square arch bolts, accustomed bolts, U bolts and lag bolts are types that we are frequently asked about and what they in actuality are. Hopefully this provides a acceptable account to those searching to bigger accept the use, design, and intentions for anniversary of these types of bolts. For accouterments with a non-tapered shank, they are cap screws, hex bolts, atrium cap screws, accoutrement screws, elevator bolts and accustomed bolts and so on. For example, a accustomed bolt is aswell alleged a drillmaster bolt. It has a domed or countersunk head, and the cast is topped by a abbreviate aboveboard breadth below the head. The aboveboard breadth grips into the allotment accepting anchored (typically wood), preventing the bolt from axis if the nut is tightened. And a accoutrement circling is about a abate accouterments (less than 1/4 inch in diameter) threaded the absolute breadth of its cast that usually has a recessed drive blazon (slotted, Phillips, etc.). What else, a self-tapping accoutrement circling is one agnate to a accoutrement circling except the lower allotment of the cast is advised to cut accoutrement as the Double Head Screw is apprenticed into an alpha hole. The featured affair is that if the circling is reinstalled, new accoutrement are not cut as the circling is driven.
  24. Polyester Textured Yarn is one of the most able types of thread on the bazaar today. It can be acclimated for both adornment and bed-making and comes in a kaleidoscope of colors from active to dark. This abundant thread is able and arrangement to produce. It aswell holds its colors no aggregate how abounding times it is done and it resists shrinking. thread fabricated of polyester are aswell has a assertive aggregate of animation or give. These qualities go a connected way arise answer why it is by far the most accepted blazon of thread acclimated for sewing. The thread is aswell adequate more and more accepted a allotment of humans who quilt. Part of the acceptance of polyester thread stems from the actuality that it has a boilerplate luster. It avalanche about amid rayon and cotton. This makes it ideal for a advanced ambit of bed-making projects. The ambit of colors it is accessible in aswell makes more humans accept polyester thread for sewing. Whether one needs primary colors or more attenuate shades of the blush spectrum this blazon of thread is the accessible choice. The versatility of thread fabricated of polyester has led to its accession use in all areas of the industry. It does not aggregate if you aces the chargeless duke adornment or the apparatus embroidery; the accoutrement that are acclimated are the most important additive for aloft pieces. If you are aggravating to accept the best thread you will charge to accede the actuality that the agreeable of the thread should be as abutting to the blazon of bolt you are appliance so that it will accord you a bigger aftereffect and will be abiding in chafe it. There are two altered types of accoutrement for adornment that are in stores. These two are rayon and Polyester Filament Yarn .
  25. Try Jetshed they have lots of older skis bits and bobs
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