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  4. this is now sold.
  5. Forgot to say, I am looking £8500. Needs picked up from Northern Ireland.
  6. Selling my SeaDoo GTI Limited 155 (July 2016) which is loaded with premium features such as, watercraft cover, high-performance Variable Trim System (VTS) and cruise control. The Sea Doo GTI Limited 155 2016 model comes standard with 30.8 US gal. (116.6 l) of storage space, a touring seat, a cruise control with slow mode, additional gauge functions (Time/Distance to empty, altitude indicator), a ski tow eye and a reboarding ladder. Sea Doo GTI LIMITED 155 2016 Includes: >3-up, GTI Hull and the Rotax 1503 NA engine >Limited package including watercraft cover >Touring seat >High-performance VTS >Cruise control Still has Seadoo warranty until July 2018. Not a scratch and has only 7 hours on it. You must view to appreciate this great ski. Seadoo warranty until July 2018, and also comes with a luxury Indespension trailer with wide wheels.
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  8. With the top and bottom deck al done, all that was left was things like bulkhead, footwells and engine mounts, I'd tried bolting together various hulls over the years and always found it a total pain in the arse, I spent what seemed like a week just trying to get everything lined up properly in the engine bay before I took the molds for future hulls, glad I spent the time on it as every hull I've done since, only one has engine shims, and that's because he's using two different types of engine mounts anyway. The other bugbear was the e box position on other hulls, always tucked out the way behind pipes, blocks blah blah, skinned knuckles and rounded off bolts always made it difficult to work on. I made a hull brace that sits between the motor and fuel tank and mounted the box upside down on that, 4 bolts and 30 seconds later you got full access to it with no need for bog roll and electrical tape to stop your claret staining your pride and joy. I'm still working on the graphics side of things , even two years into the project,
  9. Hi, Is this still available? Thanks Ross
  10. Ha ha compared to mates new 2 up spark my FX has been less reliable new with warranty vs good few years old...... cost was similar and the spark gets a lot more use for various reasons....
  11. Still available please inbox email address for photos
  12. Yamaha fx series would be a great shout, they are a LOT more reliable then seadoos plus good storage and could easily go fishing off it
  13. A spark would be a struggle. I have a seadoo 2012 gti130 and that would be stable enough and also a good storage area. The Americans use them for fishing off so I am guessing they would do the job.
  14. HI, Is this ski still for sale? Cheers
  15. Hi Just Joined the forums picking up my new ski next Saturday 27th May, do any members play down Felixstowe way? Thanks Iain
  16. the calls i have had had all gone away happy with the info i've given. all less than 10 mins so far. so far so good on this new little service. I do know my stuff when it comes to skis. Been doing this for 20 years and still repairing skis for a living every day and only work on skis!
  17. Sparks are great fun but not really long distance crusaders, for long distance don't get a Supercharged ski, good fun though. Yamaha are the king of the cruisers with the FX HO 1800. The seadoo gti/gtx 155 are good too. Seadoos tend to have more toys features than Yamaha ( & Kawasaki) the GTR 230 is a very very nice ski and fast! Dot know you will get one for €10,000 but if you can good luck! If your looking used then there is probably plenty of choice....
  18. Hi there, Hope I'm posting in the right category here. Am keen to buy my first jetski until next summer and wanted to get some advice from you guys. Budget should be around EUR 10.000, though the less the better of course. Vehicle will be used in Greece (salt water), should be powerful and have at least 2 seats. Mostly will be used to just speed around and have fun but also to go around an island and to cruise to nearby islands/ beaches. Looked at some of the models and most tempted by Sea Doo and its fleet so far. Especially the GTR-X 230 and 300 got me... Would you say Sea Doo is the way to go, for Greece and what I want to do with it? Good second hand experience with their models? Saw their "budget" models like the Spark which also look quite nice. But could imagine they get a bit "boring" after a while, no? Eager for any helpful opinions. Started planning rather early and the budget might go up or (hopefully not) down until next year. But planning is a big part of it so let's get this started Cheers
  19. Sparks are great fun, never fished if a ski 3 up might do ok depends on the conditions and how much gear you need to take
  20. Might offer something
  21. There is a free concrete jetty and a area that has bouys that takes you out and keeps of the swimmers and paddle boarders out the way
  22. Does anyone here know of any companies that are offering jetski hire or jetski yearly hire type club facilities in the Weymouth area please ? any prices links or recommendations appreciated
  23. They look a little small to me to fish off - I have a Seadoo GTI which would do the job nicely. Good storage up front, you could probably get the rod's on a wake board rack. Be a more stable platform to fish from.
  24. I'd like to try that - where do you launch from ?
  25. Great recommendation - thanks
  26. Hi Folks, Just wanted to recommend Carl @ jetskihub. I capsized my Seadoo GTI at the weekend and got water in the engine. I hadn't realised the concequense of it and had casually booked it in for a service this week. When I dropped him a casual text saying what had happened he picked it up in a couple of hours and did all that was necessary to clean the engine and eliminate the impact of the salt water. Ski was also fully serviced. Top bloke - not met him in person yet, but service was first class. N
  27. dont know about the older 185, might be better buying a newer model a 260 or 300 if you have the cash.
  28. Mine has 185 bhp don't know weather I should play with it or just go buy a 300
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