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  7. Alex Holmes


    Hi all, Im new to this forum so please forgive any ignorance towards past posts! So as the title says, i have a 93(i think) kawasaki 550sx. Its all standard apart from a slightly extended ride plate. Has anyone had much experience fitting tubbies for extra stability? I like the twitchness and connected feeling during turns, i just feel it needs more straight line stability. Ive ridden multiple superjets and in comparison, the stability is like riding a sit down! So, whats peoples thoughts? I can ride well-ish just need the master those low stance racing carves! Cheers, Alex
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  9. Prestige

    Launch ramp

    •concrete ramp •Stoney/sandy beach •always quite a few jet ski when the weather is nice
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  11. I normally ride out of Swanage or Poole, but fancy something a little different.
  12. Heat soaked remedy, also known as homogeneous treatment method, normally called 'detonation'. The hot-dip treatment is to heat the tempered glass to 290°C±10°C and hold it for any specific time period of time, prompting the nickel sulfide to quickly comprehensive the crystal phase transformation during the tempered glass, to ensure the heat soaked glass that may be blew just before use is artificially broken upfront at the factory. In a sizzling dip furnace, the self-explosion from the tempered glass in use right after installation is diminished. This technique often employs scorching air like a heating medium, and it is named 'Heat Soak Test' abroad, abbreviated as HST, and is basically translated as sizzling dip treatment method. Even though the heat soaked remedy of insulated glass for sale doesn't assure that self-explosion isn't going to come about, it does reduce the occurrence of self-detonation, and it basically solves the challenge of self-detonation that plagues all events involved in the task. For that reason, hot-dip is usually a way more productive approach to fully solve the trouble of self-detonation within the world.
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    The ski is sold
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  24. Chris smart

    Launching at skegness

    Hi I'm new to forum and not great with technology I've just brought myself my first ski a yamaha 1300r and I'm of to Skegness some one told me I can get it launched near ingomells is this tru
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  26. Looks a nice ski! Probably got a battery by now but the lucas gel are the ones to get
  27. Tim English

    kawasaki stx 12f self-diagnosis

    Tried that thanks, doesn't work
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    550 sx

    Wanted Kawasaki 550 bilge pump
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