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The website will be closed for migration to the new system very soon (within a few weeks).

please make sure your email address is upto date as it will be required for a new password after migration.

Forums Closed

Forums Closed

The forums are presently closed for maintenance.
Please check back again later.

The forum is being migrated to the new CMS software system.

Monday 23rd: Forum Migration has begun.
19:00 - Database snapshot has been taken and converted into a new database type.

19:30 - Database being copied to new CMS server (we are on schedule)

20:05 - Database move completed. awaiting mounting to new Database server

Tuesday 24th: 19:00 - still awaiting database table install

Thursday 26th: 06:00 - We had some issues importing the users yesterday, but seem to be ok, so we are continuing with the migration.

17:30 - there was an issue with a selection of imported user accounts so we are having to import them one at a time (not manually thankfully), but this is taking time, we are 48% after 7 hours) so we expect a day lost due to this set back.

Expected completion is Saturday 28th

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