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JS550 water in cylinders

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I'm new to this forum and new to using a stand up ski.

I just purchased an old JS550. I'm not even sure of it's exact year but I think it's mid 80's.

I replaced base gasket and head gasket. Previous owner had it out and it stopped and said base gasket was all it needed.

I got gaskets fitted, and engine starting.

I plugged in the hose for a few seconds but didn't start the engine. When I did go to start it the engine bogged down. Tools plugs out cranked over engine and water flew out the plug ports.

I reading that the engine should have been started first???

Head etc is fine. Owner promised it didn't overheat and base gasket was definitely gone.

I didn't replace manifold gsdkets.

Can anyone please help me?

Thanks in advance

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