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suzuki jetski wetbike parts uk??

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hi im looking for parts for my wetbike i have been told that one guy has all the old suzuki jetski wetbike parts in the uk ,but i dont know who and the seadoo dealer told me this was true,but would not give me his number, but would get me parts from him ,can anyone tell me who has the old suzuki parts as im looking for a wear ring and impellor and some bit and bobs to get it running again the import tax from the usa is more than the parts some times and there is a £8 fee handling.


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We had loads of these parts until about 2 years ago. A bloke had 2 of them in south Africa and bought everything we had.


Ring Mike Nicholl at Suzuki GB, he will tell you if there are any bits in the uK.


You might be able to repair the impeller and make a wearing if the bits are expensive to buy. Engine parts are the same as the outboard power head.




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