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Jet Ski Fishing

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Yeh dave was thinking off from old colwyn somewhere like that, have you any ideas where to go around there or total novice at ski fishing like me. Let me know one weekend when your free and we will give it a go should be a laugh even if we don't catch owt, soz not using pie and peas thems for me Ha Ha not sure what bait will have to do some asking about as to what bait and what rigs to use.

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I spend a lot of time fishing off mine when i get chance' date=' got lots of photos i can post , will do it tomorrow when i get a sec, p.s. kingy do you still like dogs ya pikey get??

[/quote'] alrite webbo pikey git ya mug!!!LOL put sum of them pics up of all them whopers you caught in spain not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL you tryin again this year ?

lol i caught nothing off the ski but plenty off the beach. think water was just too deep plus them sinking sea doos kept scaring all fish off

The water was too deep???? Cant fish swim deep Webbo?  LOL



no webbo is just  to tight to buy the 100 yard reels of line. 6 foot of line on a bamboo stick paaa

and he calls Kingy a pikey.

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Nerf its about twelve years since i last went sea fishing, that was off a jetty in scarborough. Colwyn should be good, you get plenty of pleasure fishers in the bay, ill see if i can find out what bait etc they use.

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