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Rules For Business Users *Changed*

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These rules are for all business that DO NOT advertise with PWCforums.


1. No Business can post in any part of the forum advertising there own products, Phone number, Web address.

2. No Business can put there own Website Links, Banners, Company Names, Email Addresses in there signitures.

3. No Business can put pictures of there own products in the garage picture gallery.

4. No Business can post in the For Sale/Wanted section of PWCforums.

5. No Business can Private Message users advertising your products, Phone numbers or web addresses

6. If PWCforums deems you are a Business you will follow the above rules. 


All posts that break the above rules will be hidden away so users cant see it. PWCforums Admin/Moderators will post why its been hidden under the post.

All hidden posts are then deleted.


Rules are here to keep the forum Open and as Fair as possible for users and advertisers.


All Advertising Members can post in threads about products but cant PM touting.

All advertising Members can put there contact details or banners in there Sig.


For information about advertising on PWCforums click here
Jackal2011-12-09 19:33:33

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