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List of jetski insurers

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This gets asked a fair bit around these parts, so i thought i'd stick up a sticky post to make finding it a bit easier.

here are the known (to me) insurers who insure jetskis.

if you know of any more, feel free to post them up.


Morgan marine services 01277 224 440
Marinesafe (EIS) 01843 603 441
RJP 01724 855 510
Mardon Marine 0800 515 629
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Noble Marine 01636 707606
Coversure 0800 781 7081

GJWDirect 0500 141141



Morgan marine services www.morganmarineinsurance.com

Marinesafe (EIS) www.marinesafe.co.uk

RJP www.rjpmarine.co.uk

Mardon Marine www.mardon.co.uk

Noble Marine www.noblemarine.co.uk/jetski

Coversure www.coversure.co.uk/nuneaton

gjwdirect  www.gjwdirect.co.uk

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Hi there. I have a 2004 Kawasaki STX-R 1200 with 40 hours use. My renewal quote is £264 based on trailer and ski worth £4000. Does this sound about right? Has anyone had dealings with Noble Marine insurance? Is there a favoured company with users of this site? Thanks in advance.

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