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New Website

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Welcome to the new website.


Below are a few things to note for the time being:


1) Please make sure you have requested your new password if you have an existing account using the forgotten password feature.

2) The website wil be updated to the latest version of the software in the next week. That is even better than this

3) We are creating sections to main website like, articles, HOW TO Section, tricks section (Videos), Reviews of products (members can request to have a section)


4)  Mobile Friendly

5) Chatroom

6) Events Calender

7) We are looking at a 'launch site' map feature

8) Blogs - members can request to have a blog on the website

9) Gallery of images and videos (members will be able to submit to this)



Please also note


We welcome any suggestions for the website, we will take any suggestions (serious Suggestions) and see how easy/if can impliment them

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HI All,


PWCForums now has a website update blog



Here you will find the latest updates and goings on, with the site and what's new and changed.


Please keep an eye on it.


One other thing is that members can create their own, comment and rate members blogs (if permitted)

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We are working hard at it,

We have a few more things in the pipeline

(just adding links to our Facebook and twitter accounts), sorted the members packages, a Maps system (showing members locations but also launch sites) , this is when they writers have finished creating it.

As usual any suggestions are accepted


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