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Winterizing advice

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Hi all,

I've had my ski (2010 RXT-X 260) for a while now so figured it was about time I winterized it myself. It will still go to the dealer in the new year for a service so I just need to make sure it's safe through the winter in the garage.

Apologies if this is a real noobie post but i'd really appreciate any input to make sure i'm doing it right. I have watched so many youtube videos on it, some of which contradict each other.

1) Fuel stabiliser in the tank, fill with fuel and run for a few seconds
2) Plugs out, XPS lube in the engine, turn over and replace plugs
3) Clean and dry engine bay, XPS lube all metalwork
4) Antifreeze in the flush inlet with engine running until it runs out the pump
5) Exterior wash and wax
6) Battery on optimate

Point 4 is my main concern as I guess some pressure is needed to get the anti freeze through the system. I've seen some videos of people pouring it in with a funnel connected to a hose pipe on the flush inlet and letting gravity do it's job but will that reach everywhere it needs to?

Again, sorry for the newbie question and really appreciate any advice on offer.


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Apart from 4 it's pretty simple check if you should spray xps or fogging oil into the intake with motor running some had a fogging port added to make it easier.

I don't put anti freeze through my yam as it's rarely drops below 0 c here if ski is stored inside I wouldn't worry as long as internal coolant is proper anti freeze level just dry the rest of the system out (don't run without hose to long as it knackers carbon seal) 


have seen even mention of using a pump to force anti freeze mix into the flush port.


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