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Gemma Russell

Kawasaki 440 & 550

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Im after some advice please. I’ve got 2 Jetski’s that I’ve had in dry stormy now for about 5 years. I know they’re both pretty old but I have no idea of their value & I’m now looking to sell them.

Ive looked on sites such as EBay but can only find a reference to the 550...the price varies considerably, it seems my 440 is non existent.

Could Anyone  guide me please? I’ve not tried to start them since they were stored but as far as I know, the last time they were both running there were no problems however unless my husband finds the time to test them as runners Ill sell as needing recommissioning.

Thank you in advance 


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If they weren’t put away properly then starting them could be a bad idea... are they showroom perfect mint condition vintage machines lovingly stored? Or old wreckers dumped in a shed? 

Either way far more detail needed there is a vintage jet ski Facebook page which seems to be where most old crap changes hands for silly money....

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