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1999 Seadoo bombardier gsx rfi rebuild

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Hi everyone, I have been offered the above ski at a very good price however the engine is in bits and it has a slight twist on the crankshaft!! 
I have a fair amount of experience working on cars but I have never before worked on anything like this. 
I can't really find to much info about this ski online so I'm hoping to gain as much info and tips to help me through the build on here as possible .does anybody know what the ski would be worth all working? 

How much would it cost to have the crank sent off and sorted? Also where should I send the crank? 
Thanks a lot

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Before you do anything or hand over any cash speak to Alan at jet shed in Sheffield 


if the craft was free and and you wanted to throw a load of time and cash at it it might be worthwhile considering....




its an almost 20 year old ski thats been abused greenhulk is the best place to start and find out exactly what motor it is parts may be hard or impossible to find 

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