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VX 110 Deluxe Value

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Hi all

After some help in valuing my VX110 Deluxe as thinking of selling due to no time to use it.

It's a 2008 in Black in fantastic condition and only  done 110 hours, regularly serviced and comes with manuals, 2 keys, Bramber roller trailer, cover, sand anchor, wetsuits, knee board etc

Many thanks in advance for any help


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Haven't tried selling it yet as was trying to get a rough valuation - any ideas?

Depending on the value, I may sell as just no time to use it, or if not close to what I need to see for it will just keep it.

Thanks anyway, much appreciated


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Good looking ski £3.5-4K easy the older vx don’t hold value like the fx models, condition makes a difference but good solid skis not fast but great on fuel....


if your hoping ping for more like £5-6k there are similar hours and age fx 160 and early fx sho



 it what do you need to see from it? That’s your answer really it’s only going to go down in value and now is a good time to sell, skis need running and using, sat it will deteriorate...


stick it on gumtree or facebook its it’s free and see what offer you get if you get no interest it’s too high if you get lots it’s too low......

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