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Which battery for SN and whats it worth?

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Hello everyone!

First post here, on what looks to be a great forum.

I’ve got a fantastic stand-up that I’ve owned for about 15 years, but I’m having to let it go now as I’m moving to Las Vegas in October (have an American Wife), so will be buying skis out there for Lake Havasu and Lake Mead, woo-hoo! Where the sun shines EVERY day!

Having been out of the scene for a while, I’ve forgotten a lot of technical knowledge and got no idea whatsoever as to what it’s worth, but as it’s a bit special, I would like it to go to an enthusiast rather than just put it on Ebay, so thought I would offer it here first.

I’ve not used it for a good few years but it was the personal ski of Alan Pickard, who is a friend of mine from my motocross days and well known on here I’m sure through owning JETSHED. I believe it’s one of the last Yamaha Superjet “square nose” models, but has the later twin-carb 701cc engine and “raider cases?” The air filters are ”Vortex”, the cylinder head is “ Triton Engineering” and the exhaust pipe is a “Factory B” pipe with water injection, pretty sure its got some other fancy performance parts, but I can check with Alan if anyone wants to know as I’m no expert here, but being his old ski I’m sure its got every extra going!

In the last season before it was winterized it had a complete engine rebuild both bottom and top end by “Preben Engineering” .

Comes with an Indespension galvanized trailer with spare wheel.

Only real issue is the hood has the decal missing on the right side and a crack in the fibreglass from a previous repair prior to my ownership, I was going to get the whole ski custom painted, but never bothered in the end.

I’ve just put a battery on today, fresh oil and fresh fuel etc. and she started right up 😊, but not having been run for a good while, I would think it wants a good check over by someone who knows more about this than me!

I’m based in Sheffield.

Also, I seem to have a habit of holding on to my cool stuff from younger days! If anyone is interested, I have to let go of my 1995 Honda CR125, which I’ve owned since brand new and its only done about 20 hours work. Has full McGrath 1-800 collect plastics and graphics (and original ones, Pro-circuit pipe and silencer, Boyesen rad valve and ignition cover, carbon skid plate, full original Honda spares kit etc. etc. – Not been used in ten years so needs some TLC.

P.S, could anyone tell me which is the best battery to get for the Superjet? (Make and Model/Type/Size) bearing in mind the different engine, as I just used my bike battery to get it going today.

I will post some photos when I can get it out of the garage, but any advice or opinions you can offer would be most welcome and happy to answer any questions.

Thanks a lot.


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Get in on Facebook but be wary, there are plenty of people who will try and buy it cheap and then Resell for a profit apperently vintage jet skis are a thing......


best at place to get an idea on value there are a few groups for stand ups but try asking at a local lake 

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