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Helpme - Purchase model recommendation (used)

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Hello friends, I'm new to the forum, and I'm looking to buy a superjet to make some backflips -)

I have doubts in some parts, and models I will put my
precuupations below.

1- In Brazil and the values are very high, I have 4 options:

A : Yamaha Super Jet 650cc 1993 (1993 ... this is very old, it should be heavy ...) U$ 3,000
B : Super Jetski Kawasaki 750cc 1994 R $ 4,000
C : JETSki Kawasaki 650 SX 1991 U $ 2800
D : this jetski (no info) only year 1999 U$ 3500
link to pictures -> http://vidanautica.com.br/loja-virtual/content/jetski-seminovos/detalhes.php?id=1723

I'm going to ride on the beach with waves of 1.5 meters, I'm heavy, I have (95 kilos /209 pounds),  these jetski have the power to lift me off me from the water for about 4 meters?
thanks, I just do not want to make a wrong purchase of jetski ;)

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Yo want to get 4m? In the air? The freestyle machines you see in videos are super high ouput motors typically 1000cc plus for freestyle, you might ride a 650cc SJ but back flip one??? If your good enough it would be possible condition of the ski should be the main concern, not sure if the kawa are easier or better to flip.

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