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    Hi guys, this is a bargain for someone, RXPX 255 super charged ski, light mods! Absolute animal of a ski!! free flow exhaust, air intake, dump valve, rear trim and thrusts removed, on trailer with winch, very fast ski, I'm letting it go cheap as I'm about to buy another house so some toys have to go. Runs absolutely fantastic, first time starter, never let me down. 153 hours £4250 ! no less offers will be accepted you can water test this too.
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    Just phone a Yamaha dealer gliddon, Avos, fosse hill, jet craft, n&c etc
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    The GTI is bigger, longer and twice the weight with slightly less power than the XP (depending upon model) so yes it will be very different to your XP - once you know how to ride the big jets they can be enormous fun and the LFi hull that the GT range (GTS, GTI and GTR) has from 2012 onwards is the best for fun as it's lighter and less V-shaped than the S3 and T3 hulls of the other SeaDoos. You'll enjoy the Spark
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    Best bet is try and find a service manual, greenhulk is the best place to look. 143 sounds reasonable 60 ish I'll check what the spec is on my Yamaha both stat and sensor tested in spec, but it happened again and all pissers were flowing well and motor wasnt abnormally hot so I swapped sensor and all good since having access to service manual, diagnostic software & parts makes it much easier on a Yamaha
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    First of all try and resolve if ski overheated or not could it be sensor fault? I have had sensor failures, not familiar with the virage but was there a lot of steam? Do you have tell tales? Is the flow good? Could be crud in cooking lines check them, disconnect and flush the pipes
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    It's a manual pump......runs all the time the engine is on. Float switch wouldn't work that well in a ski!
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    Don't bother, get off as soon as poss. Don't think I'd fancy a 70l tank going up with me on it
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    If you've not already done so unbolt both ends to confirm that it is the cable that's blocked not the mechanism. The problem with the Polaris is that parts are getting harder to come by - especially in EU
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    I left the seat off and the smell has cleared. Battery wouldn't take a charge so need to replace (replacement arrives tomorrow) but I jump started it and it was fine. So I'm gettting there thanks.
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    Yes probs normal - should be stored with either the seat off or propped open to allow ventilation and a full tank (ideally fogged engine as well) - take the seat off, let it breath, charge the battery, squirt of 2T oil down the plug holes and then get her fired up..
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    Be assured I have every respect for France and it's people. I have owned a property there for 17 years, I am 50 years old and have every intention of doing everything by the book. I will join your link. Thanks
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    Have a word with Chris @ Avos watersports den he has a lot of second hand spares. Usually well priced and he will post them to you. (If you pay for them first of coarse)
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    Website: http://www.covenhamwaterskiclub.co.uk/ Covenham Water-ski (Wakeboarding, Knee boarding and Jetskiing) Club is based on Covenham reservoir. Situated in the beautiful rural Lincolnshire countryside, north of the old market town of Louth. Available 365 days a year the relatively safe waters of the reservoir are unaffected by tidal times leaving you free to enjoy yourself. Covenham offers a vast 215 acres of water which is easily accessed from the slipway and a clubhouse with a range of facilities including modern changing rooms with showers, a fully equipped kitchen and a fully stocked bar for members. We look forward to welcoming you soon.