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    Just trying to get everything sorted before ski turns up, does anyone use a flush kit for flushing through before travelling home? Was going to get a water tank and a pump to keep in van so I could flush through once finished.
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    https://youtu.be/e0bXUWRlDxY northern Ireland best surf in the world I'm over there as much as I can nowadays
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    Jersey of course!!! Great coastal scenery around the island.....two large offshore reefs......both stunning on a good day for different reasons. The other islands are easy to get across to.........& lots of French coastline to explore........& of course plenty of Dolphins to see
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    Ive just received this pump this week mate. Plan is 25l container and flush on the slip.. sick of driving home and back to lockup takes longer than the actual skiing lol. Should be quite neat package. Pump is 20l/min so plenty enough for a flush
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    Get a video of it up and working when you finish it 👍🏻
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    I've just picked a few tins of this up