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    Hi Folks, Just wanted to recommend Carl @ jetskihub. I capsized my Seadoo GTI at the weekend and got water in the engine. I hadn't realised the concequense of it and had casually booked it in for a service this week. When I dropped him a casual text saying what had happened he picked it up in a couple of hours and did all that was necessary to clean the engine and eliminate the impact of the salt water. Ski was also fully serviced. https://www.jetskihub.co.uk/ Top bloke - not met him in person yet, but service was first class. N
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    No ibr is easier to get the pump off, you can get a torque wrench at machine mart for under £30 https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cht204-38in-drive-reversible-torque-wre/?da=1&TC=GS-040212609&gclid=CIWn7NvT7dMCFYEV0wodTggBDg
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    Any Ideas HDAV.....
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    Will do I normally head round from Swanage to Poole harbour and then back again - should be out later in the morning.
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    Going out on Saturday morning, group of 3 of us from Baiter Park, Poole. Grey GTX, blue GTX and white RXP, come and say hi if you are around
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    It's been a while since I've last posted, just been so busy with everything in the workshop over the last few months I forgot all about it!! So after I'd prepped the molds I gave them a coat of gel, I used a clear epoxy compatible with a pigment added, this allows me to get just about any colours I like, the reason I went for the blue and orange was it was the only pigment I had in at the time, as far as the layup schedule goes, I'm not telling, I did this with a company who helped me work it out and they know a thing or two about it having worked with Boeing, the uk Olympic cycling team to name a couple, pics show it out the molds, trimmed but not quite ready for final gluing together just yet. I was starting to get an exited/nervous feeling as it was really close to being on the water, little did I know I'd have to spend another million hours getting it ready !!!
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    One excited guy right here! Ordered from SX-R.com great service and quick delivery, cannot wait to try this ski compared to my SXR800
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    Hi everyone we are having a weekend of skiing at the boat club in June there is a bar there and we will be doing a BBQ etc im organising storage overnight for people's skis which will be manned for security there are plenty of b&b,s locally and we have several holiday parks locally that rent vans etc i will update this as we go with further details g
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    Great day out!!

    This was a day in July was a great day for it, I have plenty of other fzr videos on my page, I now have a Kawasaki 310r and will doing some 360 degree videos you can rotate while watching.