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    Snatchems 10th July - Tide advice

    The rnli guys there are top, they're really into us using the slipway it's a pleasant change to be welcomed on a Jetski ?? get on the Morecambe bay Jetski club fb page mate I think they're doing a ride out on 24th next big tide ? https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1464943533724671
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    Hi, Carl many thanks for your reply and you was spot on mate, it did turn out to be the dess post in the end, I had my pants pulled down on it from a place in Exmouth, the original quote was £1800 which I thought was steep for the engine rebuild but turned out to be £2800 to find the fault with the £49 dess post that I got charged £110 ? lessons learnt, I'm never going back there again, but many thanks for your reply cheers.
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