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    some jumping in the surf today

    just a quick video of me and my mate out enjoying the tail end of storm Desmond cracking day out https://youtu.be/4r0QkDhrwks
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    Blaster £8,500 !!!????

    Glad people are loving the blasters. Keep a look out for our promo video of them in the next few weeks. Certainly not for everyone, over 5ks worth of parts on each ski and hundred of hours put into them. We are in no rush to sell them, timeless classics! All have warranty as a new ski would.
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    Jet Action OLD SCHOOL FREESTYLE after many years of competing in freestyle myself I have noticed dwindling numbers of new comers to the sport... I think this is mainly due to the costs of being on a competitive ski. I would like to see the return of entry level freestyle on ski's that are as the manufacturer intended. ie stock hull with the OE engine. I'm just wondering who agrees with us and is willing to attend Old School freestyle and slalom ? We've had feed back from a few new riders who like the idea and me personally love to see the old school stuff.... Big air costs £'s but good old fashioned old school can be done without any expensive mods ! Let's have a discussion. If there's enough interest we can look into organising these style meets in 2016.
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    Fame at Last

    A mate just sent me this....saw it in a local shop.......I did not even know it was being used for a post card......have to see about some commission me thinks
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    PWC Forums Website Update

    Just an update We have added 2 new calendars to our system User meet up Events (allow members to view when people are meeting up and where.An Official Events Calendar (This is for championships and competitions)
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    Eye wear

    Goggles without a helmet ......
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    Blaster £8,500 !!!????

    how would u know u anti blaster hater lol ur rxps a garage decoration
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    Jetski to France

    We let islanders in (they're nearly French anyway) - it's just the mainland ebay skiiers we try to keep out, lol
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    Yamaha fxho160 cruiser wanted

    or here's a better idea how about paying me back the money u took for the drysuit thay never came
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    Jetski recovery

    I was there and actually, what they did was park the van and trailer on the beach (not the best idea!) and decided to mess around on the ski until the sea came right up to the front of the van. It was at this point that they thought perhaps they should try to move the van. I felt too bad to tell them that even at this point they had no hope of getting the van off the beach as the water was too deep to drive it to the ramp. The lad tried to reverse the van but it was already too wet under the front wheels. I suggested they call the coast guard/fire brigade or someone to tow them but they didn't seem too concerned about that. They were more concerned about getting their Nike air-max wet so took these off and proceeded to continue in their socks. They all thought it was rather funny at this point and were rather jovial about it and didn't seem too concerned about the 2 wheel drive van being stuck in rising waters. They then took off the trailer and tried to reverse the van again which was quite a way under water at this point. We could only watch as the water came higher and higher. The jet ski was just left by the side floating and could have been pulled to safety at any point. Finally a skip truck came with some pathetic rope that they tried to use but snapped twice and the chain they had wasn't long enough. By the time the skip truck was there the water was up to the windows and the van started bobbing in the water. I left 1 hour before high tide and the van was virtually submerged.
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    Happy new year from all the team here at pwcforums.Co.uk We have alot planned for the year ahead . Some to be announced in the next few days Pwcforums.co.uk team
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    Need a new trailer winch

    Yep, safety chain for me too... have always used one
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    Eye wear

    These are the ones I wear. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jobe-Goggles-Jetski-Boat-Kayak-Wakeboard-Watersports-/321673120079?var=&hash=item4ae536494f:m:mMpfRkdTfVrz4YAiQ3ksiew Another ebay link monsieur!
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    RXP Test

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    Jetski to France

    Chuffing hell - Australia to France on a Spark - serious respect that
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    Big MIK

    Jetski to France

    We were going to do it years ago in a group as charity run. It was stopped. Apparently the French would consider it an invasion!
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    Jetski to France

    I'm surprised more of you do not do that crossing......22 miles is nothing, as long as you have all the safety equipment....travel in numbers & have all the correct paperwork. SSR & ICC certificate are a must, also proof of ownership & passport to be on the safe side, although driving license etc would be OK, but not worth taking a chance. I always go out with all the safety gear, no matter how far I am going..........Garmin Montana chart plotter, mobile phone, handheld VHF radio, Personal location beacon, offshore flare pack etc. You do not need to contact the French authorities.....unless you need to check fuel availability at a marina etc. You are supposed to contact the coastguard to log a passage plan (solas regs). we used to do this, but to be honest it is a real PITA. They would want to know everyones reg number, then insist on us making contact on arrival in France......sometimes unable to because of poor reception etc. To be honest, as long as conditions are good & travelling in a group, then any mechanical issues should be no problem to handle. Also know your ski inside out & be sure it is mechanically sound. I have had a couple of people come out with me insisting there ski is sound......only to breakdown & need a long tow back! Try & stay away from large ports......jetskis may be prohibited from certain areas & the authorities will take more interest in you. We have been to Carteret, Granville, Mont st Michel, St Malo & saint cast.......never been asked for papers. Only once was a mate stopped in Chausey, but no problems at all. The other thing to consider is conditions......we tend not to set a date to go......we'll just see a good weather forecast first & go from there. Have even been playing around off the coast, but conditions have been so good, we have just shot a cross with the wives & girlfriends on the back! Get a small group together.....pick a nice calm day & shoot across......maybe just to a beach so you don't have to refuel & have the hassle of going into a large port, for the first time......after that you'll be bitten by the bug & get more adventurous
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    22nd - 24th Jan 2016

    Yeah Mick is the boss and owner. Lucy is his daughter and runs the day to day stuff and is also very helpful. You will have it all to yourselves both days, have a sneak through into "jurasic Park" when nobody is looking (directly in front of clubhouse opposite side of lake an opening to another lake!!! Si
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    Big MIK

    First JetSki

    Awww I wish I could remember so far back when I was 18 stone, OHHHH just wait, I do. 1995 and skiing everyday on everything for a MINIMUM of 3hrs a day, I loved hire centers.Hope the ski works out good for you mate, I spent 20 minutes on the gpr and am aching already!
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    First JetSki

    buy the hx tonnes more fun u know the ski u know u won't have problems it's just been redone u could ride the gtx for year and still not be able to ride a hx lol I'd get the hx and have fun with it if it was my cash I know that I would go for
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    Midlands Jet Skiing

    Your only other choice in the Midlands, is Grendon Lakes in Northamptonshire. There used to be quite a selection, but we've lost 4 lakes in the last few years.
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    Midlands Jet Skiing

    what out Westy hdavs asking if u want to pm lol this might get sinister
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    Getting the itch. Need a drysuit?

    I'm only a pup at 33 so my bladder control is pretty decent lol I tend to go before I go skiing instead of kicking about reeking of piss?
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    keith t

    New member / new ski

    Give Chris a bell at AVOs watersports near Preston, he is selling the 2016 yams faster than he can get his hands on them, he also usually has plenty of other Yams in stock to compare Leisure Lakes Jet Ski Centre,Merebrow,Tarleton,Preston, 01772 81186601772 811866
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    Externally hosted stuff like youtube and flickr will just pick upon the URL and tag as video or video but direct uploads seem to be capped at 500kb? unless the gallery function can be used? other forums the uploader will shrink(compress) files but this one wont? The uploader in "]Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.8.8 Beta 1" for example