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    dropped cleaning pad

    Hoover with a short length of hose pipe tapped on the end works well for fetching stuff out from under the motor if it’s soft it likely won’t do any damage and will pop out at some point after a good ride...
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    hi im looking for parts for my wetbike i have been told that one guy has all the old suzuki jetski wetbike parts in the uk ,but i dont know who and the seadoo dealer told me this was true,but would not give me his number, but would get me parts from him ,can anyone tell me who has the old suzuki parts as im looking for a wear ring and impellor and some bit and bobs to get it running again the import tax from the usa is more than the parts some times and there is a £8 fee handling.
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    Loch Lomond

    From the album: Dadwhitey

    Island in the middle of Loch Lomond
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    From the album: Dadwhitey

    Wave jumping in leven fife
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    waverunner leak

    thanks for advice back to stirling marine in linwood it is then