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    TOM21 Superjet Fixed Steer Hood

    • TOM21 is a small USA based company, specialising in aftermarket components for the yamaha superjet and kawasaki sxr. 




    I first saw the TOM21 hood a few years back, on a US jetski forum. I was really intrigued by it, me having a waveblaster 1 at the time and wanting to progress to a stand up, i did a little research and left it at that.. 

    A few years later, i've ended up progressing to a superjet from my 550.. Ex freestyle ski it had this heavy short pole on it, which i didn't like, so i decided, what the hey.. A new ally pole costs £££'s so lets investigate more on that fixed steer hood for something different..


    I hadn't ever seen one in the flesh, nevermind ridden one, so was a bit of a gamble. I contacted TOM21 though his website and paid the deposit to get the ball rolling. He makes these hoods to order, so theres a bit of a wait. Few weeks went by, longer than was first quoted but these things happen, and i paid up the remaining balance. The hood costs $1200 in total.

    So, it arrived.. First impressions, i was over the moon with the quality of it. Its probably the same weight as my aftermarket lowered hood that was on there initially.

    The package comes with the hood, nose cone, steering bracket, lowered stainless mounting bracket and breather tubes. 

    You need to use either blaster, raider or gp steering, stock or aftermarket. The hood mount plate, fastens to where your pole mount goes, and you use the stock pole bolt. Chucked it on for a test run and it fits pretty good. It looks like it may require a slight bit of trimming on the left as you can hopefully see in the pics its just raised slightly higher than the rest of the hull. The nose cone fits spot on and it does come with a top piece which you use with the standard b1 steering if you wish. The hood uses the stock hood latch, again a perfect fit no modifying was needed. The hood has two aluminium strengthening braces in it, which the steering stem and cable mount to.


    So i took it out for a short test run. Im using the 701 industries QS with high riser bars. The ski felt totally different to what it was like with the pole. It feels really stable, almost blaster like in position. My steering takes the riding position a touch more forward than the stock position of the hood, which i really liked, as I'm 6ft1. I thought it might be a tad strange to ride, but instantly it just felt like i was riding a smaller lightweight blaster or a bike on water. I love it, I'm far from a pro stand up rider, but i feel i can turn so much sharper and harder with the fixed steer setup. 

    Reboarding is done by deepwater side starts. I would say you wouldn't want the steering/bars to be much higher or you may struggle to remount..

    The setup feels super strong, stronger than stock and I'm really happy that i took the plunge and bought it.

    The hood doesnt lift as high as a blaster hood does, so this can be a tad annoying when working on the ski.. but its not so hard to whip it off. Ive managed to pull the flywheel and bendix out without too much backache anyways..

    Ive only been out the once, so i will take some more shots in the sea, and possibly add to this review. 







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