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  1. until
    Winter Rd Of the 2019 British Jetsport Championships Held at Tattershall Lakes
  2. until
    Round 6 Of the 2019 British Jetsport Championships Held at Kingsbury
  3. until
    Round 5 Of the 2019 British Jetsport Championships Held at TBC
  4. until
    Round 4 Of the 2019 British Jetsport Championships Held at Avos
  5. until
    Round 3 Of the 2019 British Jetsport Championships Held at Doncaster
  6. until
    Round 2 Of the 2019 British Jetsport Championships Held at Wyboston
  7. until
    Round 1 Of the 2019 British Jetsport Championships Held at Kingsbury
  8. The 2019 British Jetsport Championships are here!
  9. E:maginehosts

    Minster launching sites

    Hello , Welcome to PWCForums.co.uk There is only one place on our Launch sites section that is close to your location http://www.pwcforums.co.uk/membermap/markers/marker/34-concrete-ramp/ We are trying to get a members map of launch sites. So if you do find any others out, please feel free to add them or send it to one of the Admins or Content Managers who will add them in. Help that gets you started.
  10. E:maginehosts

    NEW ski clubs map

    With our members map and launch maps a hit. We have added a new map SKI CLUB MAP Here you can add any local clubs. Please add some useful information for our members. PWCFORUMS.CO.UK Team
  11. E:maginehosts

    PWC Launch sites MAP

    Hiya, I have made a link on the page that you can click or just follow the below link http://www.pwcforums.co.uk/membermap/markers/submit/?group=2&_new=1 Hope that helps
  12. E:maginehosts

    PWC Launch sites MAP

    Hello All, Hope everyone likes the new Members and Launch site Map feature we have added. Please make sure to add your location (not to accurate please for your safety and privacy). Please can you also add any Launch sites you use/know of , if possiable please can you add some extra info like any features or websites for the launch site. If you don't have time to do the whole page, please paste the name and location of the launch site and we will look into any info we can, but maybe in touch if we can't. This doesn't have to be UK based we are viewed from all over the world so more the better. We want to make the best Map of launch sites to help everyone find places to launch near to the location (home or away). Launch site
  13. E:maginehosts

    Calling all southerners :)

    Hi guys Dont forget to put your lsunch sites you use in our new launch map area. For this situation. As it lets people know local areas to you . That they can ski when away from home etc.
  14. E:maginehosts


    Hi Tim, The videos are requiring approval at present from a PWC Content manager, this protects the spams and explicit contents. (you should be ok from now on).
  15. E:maginehosts

    PWC Social Media Pages

    if you email me the youtube links i will then Favourite them on the youtube channel then it will show on there