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  1. I was insured by Noble marine for a number of years. very easy to get on with and very competitive quotes.
  2. People usually pull the old cover off and put a new cover on... Never seen a seat cover put over an existing seat cover!!
  3. I am listening folks. So basically we need to start again on a new platform!!
  4. Round 2 of 2014 European Freestyle Championship in London, U.K. this Weekend! 17 European riders showed up at Round 1 of EFC at the end of May in France. And now promoters of the tour that separates freestyle from high speed racing hope for even more competitors to show up at Round 2 in London, U.K. “London was always been good to us as far as the number of spectators and also competitors, so I see no reason we shouldn´t have 20+ European best flat water freestylers on the line there” says the founder and organizer of the tour Vaclav Zacek. If you still don´t know what to do on Saturday 28th of June and you will be in the area code don´t miss out the opportunity to see second qualifying freestyle only round of the European Freestyle Championship 2014. More about European Freestyle Championship: www.PWCFREESTYLE.eu www.facebook.com/PWCFREESTYLE www.youtube.com/PWCFREESTYLE www.vimeo.com/PWCFREESTYLE Video Teaser of Round 2 of 2014 European Freestyle Championship Video link:
  5. Jackal

    Gym junkie

    I though he was still using the forum under another username!
  6. Steady guys. Brand new engine in a ski and brand new craft... Everytime a new ski comes out there is always teathing issues... be in yamaha, seadoo or kawi.... seems like alot of these sparks have been sold in the UK...being a mechanic my self Dealers will be still be getting to know these skis... you can go on as many courses as you like but back in the real world something will always happen that makes you think...in 6 months time they will know them inside out.... another good reason to buy later on. 158 will have all the support they need... sounds like good customer service on 158s part but seadoo have always been bad to get hold of. Hold your horses and let them sort it out....i know it anoying but they are doing everything they can to sort it out.
  7. Problem with a feedback section is the problem has already happened if they have got bad feedback. I like the idea of raising the post count for the for sale section to 100 or 150. Easy to do and you rid the chancre who wants to sell that one dodgy item on an odd account. Jack
  8. Datatag is used on Many Many Things other than Marine... Its heavily used on Plant and im Pritty sure JCB use it on everything they sell out the factory... John deere are using it on all there stuff. Stuff it getting recovered all the time... Contact Datatag if you have questions...When a recovery is made it doesnt go to the police station.. it goes to a compound where everything will be available for the police to try and find out whos goods they are.
  9. Here is a boat a sold a few week ago.. AirBrushed 70" boat with a 60cc twin motor in there.
  10. Very Nice... I'm into my RC Petrol powerboats!!
  11. making it more difficult for him to answer problems is not the answer. I have banned people from selling on here before and i will again if issues arnt sorted. Jack
  12. It's as bad as saying go kill your self on a public forum... Next thing people are killing there self... It seems like a joke at the time... It's not a joke when it happened... Look at the news... It's just the same. Jack
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