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  1. That's a nice toy!
  2. Always good to shop local and use your closest dealership, as when you need help they will be close and mor elikeoy to help you back on the water quickly. Probably call another couple of places first so you know what deal you should be getting then wander on in.
  3. They are awesome. A couple of years ago I sold my rxpx 260 and brought 2 Sparks on a double trailer. Best thing I ever did. They are light, manouverable, fast up to 50mpm and cost nothing to run or service. Great for jumps and spins etc. Wouldn't be without one!
  4. I have 2 Sparks, and 100% best thing i did was add the VTS to the 2 UP. Completely changes the ride & makes it waaaaaay more fun. The 3 seaters don't spin like the 2 seaters either. Also if yo are going to tow anything the iBR brake & reverse is really important for low speed manoeuvring.
  5. If they don't i have imported boats, skis & cars from the USA for the last 15 years. I would be prepared to club together & order and ship as many as people want. I will 100% be getting one from wherever sells them, so if not the UK then USA.
  6. Anyone know of the most local lake that allows Jet Skis in Devon or Cornwall? Im near Plymouth (which i realise is surrounded by the sea but fancy a go on a super flat lake!!)
  7. man this all sounds like a lot of hard work.... Sounds easier to move to real hot climate so the skis dry themselves after every ride! My parents live in Florida and whenever we ski or boat there I wash at the ramp, then by the time we are back home they are bone dry throughout!
  8. Sold on Saturday, nice guy called Rick from Doncaster hope he enjoys it!
  9. Sorry just noticed should be £7,999!
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2011-KAWASAKI-SXR800-Stand-Up-JETSKI-PWC-Not-Superjet-Rickter-excellent-cond-/141976048704?hash=item210e6e9440:g:nysAAOSwIjNXJG5R
  11. For sale my very lightly used and beautiful final year SXR800. Owned it since 2013 but now have too many skis so need to go, has 10-15 hours I imagine. On single trailer. It's on eBay but make a sensible offer (see advert below) if interested. I'm in Plymouth but can help with delivery if required. Can't be many around, I know that these never come up and mine is beautiful Dale 2011 KAWASAKI SXR800 Stand Up Jetski 37th Anniversary One of the very last 2011 model SXR800 jetski, this was the run out year of this model & only a handful were sold in the UK. I am the second owner, very little use approx 15 hours from new estimated, certainly under 20, I have owned since 2013 & have used it only 5 times. Kept in a heated garage, covered & in excellent condition. The top half is unmarked, there are some scuffs on the bottom from where the first owner used it on a lake but nothing serious. Engine compartment is as new, its been covered in ‘Fluid Film’ protecting film from new so is not marked or corroded that I can see. The mat turf is also excellent reflecting low hours. Comes with genuine Kawasaki cover, on good condition trailer (ive had it on a double trailer so origional trailer has hardly been used). I have all of the origional paperwork, sales brochure, ski & parts invoices, manual & details from new. Plus origional tool kit. Mechanically 100% standard engine. Has £1,100 anodized ATP (Air Time Products) pole and handles fitted. Also Blowsion grips, anodized green finger throttle, vacate valve -all cosmetic additions. These never come up for sale and are a very rare jetski, this is the last year of the Kawasaki SXR & a special 37 year celebration 2011 year only colour scheme. I’m sad to see it go but am not using it. Beautiful Jetski & more photos available please contact if required. Located near Plymouth £8,999. Dale 07834 540433
  12. As everyone is saying, the Yamaha is good but 2007 is old. A £4K Spark will be like new and way better! I wakeboard behind mine all the time
  13. Not now sorry
  14. I spoke to him on the phone a few days ago. He said he was the second owner and had brought it from his mate that moved abroad. He knew very little about it and to me something didn't sound right. After speaking to him for a couple of minutes it put me off buying it.... Even though he said he would accept £6500 which sounded great value. If if I went to buy it I would 1000% have a thorough ride and look at it. And call the supplying dealer (he couldn't remember who they were). I'm 5 hours from him, if he was 1 hour I would have gone