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    Members only. Open mid March to mid October, designated lake for stand up ski's. 1 membership per craft. to learn more visit FB Block Fen Riders Club.
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  3. penjpet

    Rya course online ??

    Hi Matthew, I dont think so, you have to attend a course as its practical and theory.
  4. penjpet


    Like crammy says, you won't get a trip for less than 250 except may be on ebay, but there are some decent new packages about (board and bindings) for a bit more, not necessarily a trip but similar boards, find one you like then check out the model on you tube, most have a demo video for them, also the size depends on your height and weight.....
  5. penjpet


    Liquid Force range of boards are good. The 'Trip' is a good all round board for any level of boarder, very forgiving for learners but with enough pop to satisfy the more experienced.
  6. penjpet

    Skiing in West Wales

    Hi, I hope I answered your queries ok by our private messages
  7. penjpet

    what ski lakes in east anglia

    There are a few memberships left at Block Fen Activity Lakes at Mepal, near Chatteris. I'm afraid its members only no day launches... but membership includes camping etc There are several stand up members together with sofa's. For more details visit our Groups page on this forum or on FB.
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    We always used a folding anchor (wrapped in an old towel and stowed in the storage bucket) in all sorts of sea conditions, decent ones available from about £15 upwards.
  9. penjpet

    Stand up ski rider age?

    I'm 53 the old man nearly 55!. I still wakeboard behind the Kwak 750 sxi. The other half can still chuck it around and hopes to get out wave jumping in the winter at the coast!
  10. penjpet

    Say Hello!!

    Hello I'm still here
  11. penjpet

    tenby & caldy island

    Hi John I think it costs £20 to day launch at Lydstep and you need RYA Check this out http://www.haven.com/parks/south-wales/lydstep-beach/ at the bottom of the page. If you want a really nice camp site, with its own beach accessible by cliff path, stunning views I recommend the site we have our van on at Trevayne Farm www.trevaynefarm.co.uk, I've beengoing there all my life (I'm over 50 ) and still love it.
  12. penjpet

    tenby & caldy island

    Cool. I will. Didn't mean to sound harsh, but I spent 2 years trying to get Amroth re-opened and it was really frustrating and like I said although we use our boat down there now, would still much rather be out on a ski there.
  13. penjpet

    tenby & caldy island

    Just the attitude that got our slip closed If you are still wanting to launch in Pembrokeshire, this link might be of interest http://enjoy.pcnpa.org.uk/new_site/default.asp?PID=29&show=map
  14. penjpet

    tenby & caldy island

    Over the years I have made many posts regarding Jet skiing in the Tenby area and how we tried very hard to keep our regular launch open, with the help of the PWP and the RYA to no avail. It is a stunning part of our country and I feel privileged that I got to enjoy 15 years of launching our ski's there, spending time on remote beaches inaccessible by land at high tide. Unfortunately a small number of narrow minded and irresponsible jet skiers managed to spoil it for the majority of us.