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  1. you can get a complete alloy housing with plastic liner from us, so you dont need to worry about "mole hills" ever again! http://jetskicentre.co.uk/ JJ jetjunkie2015-04-20 22:35:47
  2. Cheers guys.....we did have some teething problems when it first went up......and we have found a few blips here and there.....but it was such a lot of work even though we went over and over it we were bound to get some issues/ mistakes Hopefully it will make on line shopping for some a little easier.......and we will (once we have a break form it) be adding lots more in the future.....including performance parts and specific performance sections such as free ride and superjet parts etc JJ
  3. Its been 14 months in the making.....but MRS jetjunkie has finally got it together and got it in the public domain.......please visit our new web site and see what you think. We have built a new database web site with a much larger server to cope with the many thousands of parts we now have listed. We will of course be adding some more parts and sections in the coming months including performance parts and superjet specific! Have a looksie and tell us what you think , JJ www.jetskicentre.co.uk
  4. just buy a new TITAN internal filler mate........job done JJ
  5. we have all available polaris parts on the shelf, as well as all the other brands...... There are several types of polaris pump, but all work on the same principal, which model / year do you have? JJ
  6. http://www.boatingindustry.com/news/2014/07/17/brp-issues-voluntary-recall-on-spark/ JJ
  7. Sprok and I would like to take the opportunity to thank those involved in helping us test our new products over the last 12 months or so prior to public release yesterday........ We have issues on the Titan website, but all the new gear can be seen on our facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/TITAN-Performance-Products/303874012980129?ref=hl Our new Titan T2 Dominator Billet pole is one of the lightest and probably the toughest on the market. We managed to retain the look of our ever proven T1, yet make the whole unit come in at under 8lb total...... its available in an array of colour options and we will be posting up pics over the next few days........ The new for 2014 Billet battery tray again has some natty little tweaks which make it light, tough and easy to install, our clamp design ensure your battery stays exactly where its meant to! We have more products being released over the coming few days.......so check into our Fb page and hit the likey button JJ
  8. there is no paint code, all European craft are manufactured in the US, the USA does not use conventional BS RAL paint codes, they have their own system.........so you wont get an exact off the shelf match..
  9. i used it today......no probs.
  10. i buy my sanding paper in long reels, cut off about 400mm and fix it to a wooden block, then its elbow grease, back and forth, dead straight lines
  11. depends what your aiming for callum.......we used to use 60 grit (course as hell) must be dead straight lines from front to back across th entire width of the bottom of the hull.........to be honest you can get better grip from fitting tubbies
  12. depends what ride plate your trying to seal up.....some need sealing, ie polaris, use dow corning 791 we have it if you cant find it.
  13. there is normally two plugs coming out of the vts, one with two wires (red/ blk) power and the other is the green/ blue/ purple/ blk which is the control wires from the mpem (up/ down), both plug in at the back of the hull in the main harness
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