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  1. Jetski REPAIR/ purchase HELPLINE

    In the meantime, please text the number in the footer and can sort out a direct paypal payment for only £1 min for the inconvenience. thanks
  2. Jetski REPAIR/ purchase HELPLINE

    please bear with me at the moment my helpline has expired and am changing line provider. i will post here when available again.
  3. Its that time of year again when I'm getting loads of non-local help calls from around the country taking my hands-on work time up for free. So I have a Jetski helpline for technical diagnosis with possible suggestions to rectify the fault where possible or can even talk you through it while you do it (very detailed). Please ring (click) 091 31 30 30 69 calls are charged at £1.50pm plus your phone providers access charge. premium price but may work out a cheap fix if you can do yourself or guide you repairing/ rebuilding your own. No more keyboard warriors, guessing what your problem is! or 3 different opinions. I've been repairing jetskis professionally as a business for over 9 years (and much longer on my own ones). It may be able to sort your problem out in 10 mins and only cost £15 (+ your mobile network charges). This is by a full time experienced jetski degree qualified engineer, not a scripted standard answer by a foreigner! The calls i have had had all gone away happy with the info i've given, some done in a couple of minutes (which is fine). I'm still repairing skis for a living every day and only work on skis! More detail on the website if needed.
  4. im driving my van from gosport near portsmouth to Mold in north wales tomorrow (tue 2nd) then next day (wed) to preston and back home, if anyone needs a trailer/ jetski or boxes moving for fuel money please let me know asap.
  5. helpline

  6. im going from near portsmouth up to dumfries with a van with a towbar and roofrack this thur night, offering to take something (a box or jetski or kayak etc) for the cost of fuel there. can pickup/ drop onroute on the way up. also back on monday via newcastle so same offer but towbar being used back so cant take a jetski back.
  7. helpline

    As much as providing a service with good tech knowledge, without users having to rely on keyboard warriors, each with different opinions based on only 1 ski they have, whereas i deal with different skis everyday for years, this is also to reduce my time getting absorbed with users at the other end of the country constantly phoning me for tech help that i will never see in the yard. this is why it is a charged service. The phone service get a large portion. when i m getting paid for my time with this service for my knowledge (i have an engineering degree) and 20 years experience, i don't mind how long a call (quick or long) or where the user is from and i'm happy to help anyone diagnose and fix their own ski by talking them through while actually trying stuff etc. or even while on the water. I am patient and helpful, without attitude.
  8. helpline

    where is this heatwave were supposed to be having.
  9. helpline

  10. helpline

    seems i know my stuff because not had answers i dont know yet!
  11. helpline

    had some very happy customers, able to sort their own skis quickly and cheaply.
  12. helpline

  13. helpline

    more detail on my website if needed
  14. helpline

  15. helpline

    the calls i have had had all gone away happy with the info i've given. all less than 10 mins so far. so far so good on this new little service. I do know my stuff when it comes to skis. Been doing this for 20 years and still repairing skis for a living every day and only work on skis!