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  1. After binning Facebook I'm back on the forum where hopefully it'll be about skis rather than pics of people's dinner and pets. Anyone about from the good old days?
  2. dodger

    Blaster 1 won't rev up

    Have you checked the needle seats?
  3. dodger

    Blaster 1 won't rev up

    Check the pop off pressure, the vacuum from the crank and the one way valve in tank. Exhaust, water box,pipes, Fuel supply lines, the whole nine yards.... then burn the bastard thing if it doesn't work.
  4. dodger

    Blaster 1

    Is that like the B1 760 you sold that was a 701 or the B3 you sold with 90psi on the pots? Just asking....
  5. dodger

    2006 Superjet

    Sold chaps....
  6. dodger

    2006 Superjet

    I'm iPhone ipad and up yours Keith.... You're meant to be me mate!!!😩
  7. dodger

    2006 Superjet

    f**king technology!!!!!
  8. dodger

    2006 Superjet

  9. dodger

    2006 Superjet

    '06 Superjet. Totally original with very little use. Has spend more time in the garage than on the water. Just had crank seals renewed and carbs serviced. Datatagged and all that mullarkey.... Can be supplied on a nice Hallmark trailer with new bearings. Few battle scars and storage scratches but mechanically perfect. I've stripped it,checked it and done my normal anal build.....£3000 on the trailer ono. Pics to follow when I send them to someone who can upload them
  10. dodger

    superjet needed asap

    Get it,get it...
  11. dodger

    superjet needed asap

    What kind of money?
  12. dodger

    2007 Yamaha fx160 cruiser for sale

    You have pm...
  13. dodger

    Superjet 701

    Bargain if the compression is up there...