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  1. Dolphin

    Tigershark Monte Carlo 10000

    Delivered hmmm a delivered ski never arrives always go and pick it up
  2. Dolphin

    Xp limited issues

    £1200 is very cheap for a re built ski £1800 - £2200 should be possible, keep it till next spring as it will sell faster and for more then
  3. Dolphin

    Beach Launch soft sand

    These barrows from B&Q can hold 150KG, can you not use the wheels http://www.diy.com/departments/walsall-90l-ballbarrow/996605_BQ.prd
  4. Dolphin

    Tech Q-Windows password issue?

    Mine always does it its the wife wiping the history after she has been on the porn sites
  5. Dolphin

    sit back grab the popcorn and enjoy

    ask your daughter how to work the comp fat chops
  6. Dolphin

    sit back grab the popcorn and enjoy

    what credit card numbers ? just shut down the pop up and watch the film
  7. Dolphin

    sit back grab the popcorn and enjoy

    diets doing the same as yours going the wrong way i know i said popcorn but in your case hotdogs, bag of scrattchings and a few pickled onionsDolphin2015-01-21 19:55:37
  8. Dolphin

    sit back grab the popcorn and enjoy

  9. www.afdah.com/watch-movies/american-sniper-2014/ All new films are here the pop up is just some betting site nothing to be bothered aboutenjoy all the latest and old films streamed
  10. Dolphin

    Insurance Conditions

    Its not just what you pay for the cover, its how good they are when theres a claim as well. Personally im happy with the prices and the fact they do an agreed valuation policy for my freestyle ski Until your ski gets stolen from a dealership and you then find out the dealer left the door open in strange circumstances (thanks Giles pump action) who then went bust, due to my ski not being in a locked building or having the trailer locked I lost 6k and RJP were helpfull but still zilch, read the small print as discussed over and over again never assume as it could cost you dearly as I found out through no fault of my own, cheaper is not always better neither is the dearest.
  11. Dolphin

    Heating engineers

    by the way try your own gas rating of the boiler when it is on high fire with a cold system do this For an imperial meter (U6) you need to take the time taken for the test dial to make 1 full revolution in seconds and divide into 3600(seconds in hour). This will give you cu ft / hr, then multiply by 1034(calorific value of gas) and this will give you Bthu. divide the BTU by 3412 that will give you the KW an hour its usingOn a metric meter(G4) time taken for test drum(extreme right drum in seconds )1 full revolution x 3.6 and divide into (3600 x 0.01 x 38.6) should give you kW.
  12. Dolphin

    Heating engineers

    A 20kw boiler will heat even a five bed house so i doubt the boilers to small find where the stat goes into the boiler it will probably be wireless with a switch feed out and then back T1 and T2 link these for starters that should keep the boiler firing up to temp set at its highestnow close down all the rads on the return valve opposite to the thermostatic onego to the nearest rad near the boiler and crack open the return valve see that it then gets hot move to the next furthest away opening it slightly more than the last one, so on till you get to the furthest one this should balance the system sending more flow to the furthest away all the rads should be belting hot to the boilers max temp.http://www.potterton.co.uk/docs/promax-sl-installation.pdflook at the wiring diagram and you can see the room stat thats what you need to link out first
  13. Dolphin

    Arrghhh boiler down any heating engineers

    You can be gas safe registered and all you may be able to do is fit gas meters. Being gas safe registered does not translate that the registered gas operative can fit boilers, cookers or any such like appliances unless he has the accreditation to do so, alh82 says he is gas safe registered but then asked why would you flush a system when fitting a new boiler, if you have done the correct course you would know why or read the MI on the appliance.
  14. Dolphin

    Arrghhh boiler down any heating engineers

    I got an all singing glow worm ' date=' new flue , remote timer £996 plus £250 fit. British gas wanted £3300 I'm happy Cheers lads[/quote'] was the system power flushed at that money I would say not and it is a part of the manufacturers guarantee that it is flushed.