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  1. phantomstxr

    Wanted Kawasaki stx15f

    Looking to get back into the sport . I’m looking to buy a Kawasaki stx15f .cash waiting for right ski can collect from anywhere
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  4. phantomstxr

    Hows your spark doing????

    I got the very first one sold in Scotland a black and white one 2up , I have fitted the reverse kit and the speed ties and I've used it mostly for wave jumping never had any issues with it . Cracking fun ski burns very little fuel and has been totally reliable ,as others have said after a few hours wave jumping you are knackered next day ,but they do go very high off the waves and are very easy to handle and perfect for stunts
  5. phantomstxr

    Spark vs VX

    The manual reverse kit weighs about 2 or 3 kgs I seen it when I collected my spark quite a lot of parts but looks simple enough to fit ,as I will be doing next year But to be honest the spark is a fantastic well put together ski ,I love mine
  6. phantomstxr

    Spark vs VX

    I've been a kawasaki man for 20+ years and although I repair lots of different jet skis I was never a lover of seadoos But I bought a spark a white 2up 90hp and to be honest Seadoo has the perfect ski for my needs ,there are only two things I will be doing to it and that's fit manual reverse kit and remap it next year If that's a genuine Yamaha video that's that's a very childish and desperate thing to do
  7. phantomstxr

    STX15F Engine / Hours

    My dash got damaged on my old 15f ,so I bought an old second hand one from USA when it came it had 870Hours on it ,needless to say I didn't fit and bought a new one
  8. phantomstxr

    Kawasaki stx15f

    Cheers tommy wish a didn't sell it now I really miss the big air .but the standup is getting resurrected a need to get back on the water am going cold turkey here hahaha
  9. phantomstxr

    North east jetski servicing

    That's ok if he knows what he is doing but if a car breaks down it pulls into the side of the road but if a Jetski breaks down at sea it could be someone's life .when repairing any marine type craft you have to remember that what you do could have consequences. Good luck to guy though
  10. phantomstxr

    Testing a Stator on a kwak 750sx

    Check your volts on the battery before you start it then ,start it up the volts should rise on te meter to about 13.5v if not I'd think check the voltage regulator first
  11. phantomstxr

    rxp reverse assembly needed

    well i phoned james at 158 and he is sending me up a complete reverse set up for much cheapness thanks for the help boys
  12. phantomstxr

    rxp reverse assembly needed

    cheers for the info already been on ebay.com and seen that one but he wont post to UK al give 158 a shout tomorrow its not for me its for a mate how likes the reverse think it will br the last time he jumps waves close into the beach
  13. does anyone know of someone breaking up an RXP im lookiing for the entire rear set up my mate broke all his reverse off when wave jumping
  14. phantomstxr

    sitdown wave jumping

    That looks cool have to give it a try Stand by with the ambulance tommy
  15. phantomstxr

    sitdown wave jumping

    never tried on a fzr but if its the same as the sho then yes but you really feel the weight of the thing thats why a love the 15f i think its the last four stoke that still feels light and nimble like the old two strokes plus i like the challange of going as fast as you can in rough weather the 15f still feel lively maybe its just a mad scotsmans thing hahaha