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  1. meph137

    Tallington Lakes

    £40 all day, or £15 after 4pm. http://www.tallington.com/
  2. meph137


  3. meph137

    Activities Away

    A nice and friendly launch site, £25 per day - they only launch every other Sunday due to low demand. Launch starts at 12:30 pm. http://www.activities-away.com/
  4. Must be tons out there anyone got one they'd like to part with in exchange for some cash? Not sure if it changed in 2008, pre 2008 if it did.
  5. meph137

    Superjet Respray

    Seems to be a few threads on this but they always end in PMs, so I don't know who to contact apparently Danny's custom paints, or johnboygtv (I assume they're not the same person?) is the place to go, but can't find them online - anyone have Danny's number? Also (and this never seems to get an answer either) - obviously each paint job is different, but lets say I'm happy doing some prep work, how much are we talking to respray a superjet top and bottom with (probably) quite inelaborate paint, one colour (will probably use stickers on top to make it look fancy and al lthat)? Ballpark, what are we talking? £500? £400? £10? Cheers
  6. meph137

    165/175 compression

    Note that the teater might be the problem here, but I've heard others say it is ok.
  7. meph137

    165/175 compression

    Hi all, bought a 2004 superjet last weekend and just checked compression (couldn't at the time, did a water test and all went fine). It's reading 165 on one and 175 on another using the Gunson hi-guage tester. The pots are within 10 psi of one another so that seems fine, however isn't 175 a bit high? I was told the motor is totally stock.
  8. meph137

    Can we build a database?

    Yeh I got all excited when I saw that one, then ralised it wasn't very good for skis Would be good to have the map of user locations as well, would be pretty good to have meetups and the like.
  9. meph137

    Tricks Forum?

    Not quite sure how I missed the blatent "Tricks" forums. I must be a bit thick Though what's this? http://www.pwcforums.co.uk/how-to/tricks/ - empty!
  10. meph137

    Can we build a database?

    Yeh it would be very very useful, I was quite surprised to see one didn't already exist. It would also be good if it listed places that no longer accept jetskis, I've seen several threads which talk about this or that place, only to find they stopped jet ski launch years ago.
  11. meph137

    Tricks Forum?

    So, seen a few posts talking about a tricks forum, but that seems to have gone, any idea where? not new to riding a superjet (had one about 10 years ago for a couple of years) but never got much good at tricks and was looking for tips on where to start and how to do them. I used to be able to do fountains, slightly shitty tailstands, that sort of stuff.
  12. meph137

    Can we build a database?

    This sounds mega useful, I started making my own google map but would be fantastic if everyone put in their contributions to make a full picture. By the way, I'm a developer who works in PHP (normally eCommerce but not limited to) - happy to help out should the need arise.
  13. meph137

    Six Hills Lake

    Yeh, so if membership was a fairly pricey £500 a year, you'd need minimum 36 members, which sounds very unlikely! And then someone to run the thing...! Anyway regardless, if ever there were interest to bring it back with a dealership attached and people needed commitment to numbers, I'd be a member, so at least that's 1 eh? 2 with you! Seems like a jetski lake can only exist with either a dealership or as part of a larger leisure facility like tallington or kingsbury or whatever, and it makes you wonder how long the jetski element will stay in the larger lakes if something else is found to be more profitable
  14. meph137

    Six Hills Lake

    So how much does a lake like six hills cost to operate per year, does anyone know? I can imagine that getting it going is a none-starter, but just a thought...
  15. meph137

    Compression testing

    Is the go-to guage still the snap-on? Any others that are known good other than the Gunson one mentioned above?