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  1. them orange braapp stickers look well on there Al
  2. blaster day end next month is definitely do-able i think.
  3. you not finished this bit of a job yet
  4. flywheel off yes, be careful the bolts in removal tool don't protrude through the flywheel to much or you'll knacker the stator coils. 70nm when re-torquing.
  5. +1 for silkolene aquacomp. readily available at all times from opie oils.
  6. if they do need re plating, you can get them done at around 100 per bore. much easier than overboring then fitting sleeves which takes away transfer port area.
  7. hahahaha, small seat helps with hanging off the side when yer a short arse like moi ............................
  8. yes it does, although you may have to reposition the mudguards out by around an inch each side. my blaster on my sj/freestyle ski trailer. ive put turf on top of mudguard to stop any rubbing. it does clear each side by around 10mm.
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