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  1. Great opportunity to win a holiday for £10 and to support Jet Action...
  2. Hi Kev welcome me to the forum.
  3. We will be holding a pop up meet at Kingsbury waterpark on 26th DECEMBER. ALL RIDERS are welcome whatever you ride. We will be having some festive music blasting out with hopefully a festive jetskier fancy dress...We might even run a slalom if there's interest but tbh its more of a meet and greet where hopefully we will encourage you to take part in our meets in 2017. Hot food and drink will be available from kingsburys cafe. Launch fee for non members is £35 Insurance is mandatory. Hope to see lots of old and new faces on boxing day.
  4. Prices will vary depending on your camping pitch etc..... ATM there is a 10% discount on all bookings before the new year too..... Give them a call and they will help you out with prices.... We are there all week btw but just doing the official thing over 4 days in 2017.
  5. More details will be added in the new year....
  6. It was an amazing weekend... even the weather was amazing.
  7. Thanks for the feed back so far...... All the meets so far have been done over the weekends not 1 day meets. where possible we are willing and have given FS riders their own part of lake..... I understand the proximity of other events is an issue but it's virtually impossible to have more than 2 week space between them. This is why I've tried to arrange them at the beginning and end of season. We always have a good show of other riders. Just seems FS riders aren't attracted for some reason. we need to get the new riders into the sport in the same way the FNT did for many years. Jet action was created to fill that void for FS. Now not every one wants to compete. So maybe the focus should be turned to clinic style weekends where the British FS riders could come along and support the clinics. we have spent almost 5 years at jet action developing and learning what riders enjoy. We have invested in equipment to create a much more professional look. we are hoping to have a website up and running before the end of the year. Which hopefully will draw in even more sponsors.. JET ACTION is here for you...
  8. Ok folks...... im just wondering what we need to do to get you boys and girls coming along to the meets... we have always accommodated freestyle and included it in our meet itineraries... Only a hand full of riders seem to show. Craig put on a freestyle weekend in August and only a few local riders showed along with our meets... We need to know why you don't show when you moan there's nothing on !!!! it takes allot of work and preparation for people to organise fun meets. Now you can't say it's price because we normally make it cheaper than a normal launch... we need your feed back so we can attract you.... We have lots of riders coming along just for fun. we have our regulars like Jonathan Kavanagh who always comes along when it's possible... We also need to attract new riders in to the sport to feed the jsra British championships.... so so come on guys help us to help you and our sport...
  9. Round 3 at Avos water sports den. September marks our annual meet which has always been the weekend after the JSRA British championships final. We arrived early Saturday morning to a warm but overcast sky at Avos lake. It didn't stay dull for long as we unpacked and set up for Jet Action the clouds moved out the way to reveal the blue skies above..... At 08:30 Chris arrived to open up the shop. (Normally not seen before 9am) but as we are special Chris set his alarm and arrived early.... Sign in began and slowly but surely the riders turned started to turn up. The riders were very keen to make the most of such a sun drenched lake... The smell of 2 stroke filled the air as the 1100 Blasters of the brap factory hit the water... Lots of noise and lots of speed... It was great to see these vintage skis riding around the slalom course very quickly, making the most of the free water and getting lots of practice before 14:00 when the competition begins... There were also a few freestyle riders practicing and making the most of the lake giving us a fantastic freestyle display was Josh Sanderson the newly crowned British freestyle champion in the 900 class... At around 13:00 the lake was buzzing with lots of skis out on the water all making the most of free water. At around 14:00 we closed the lake and had a riders briefing to discus the rules and show them the slalom course which consisted of two laps of the lake but 1 around an inner course and the other on the outer course. Once everyone had studied the course they were sent out to practice with only a few riders needing to be corrected on the direction. Slalom began at 14:30 ish and all 17 riders took part on their own skis. The skis came in all shapes and sizes including the riders. The skis ranged from 20+ old Yamaha waveblasters all the way up to a race prepared fire breathing GP ski 300+ horsepower. Riders ranged from 11 years old including Jack Wells and Aarron Hickey who have just completed their first year of racing in juniors at the JSRA,to cough,cough,I won't mention ages Keith and Kevin Thomas of the Braap factory. We quickly flew through the slalom excuse the pun... We then went to work out where everyone had finished. There were some shocks to come with the results being not as predictable as we thought... The winner of the slalom on Saturday was a real shock to all as it was his first ever slalom and he was also on a stock 2016 Yamaha FZR. Well done Ollie Jackson. After the results riders were left wanting more so after an hourish of free water we decided to run a Gladiator slalom.... This would involve 2 skis on the lake going head to head but one rider going on the slalom track for 1 lap then doing the outer course on his 2nd lap and vice versa for rider 2. This proved to be very exciting and gave us some very close results and very exciting for us all to watch... As darkness fell the skis came off the water.... Well !!!!!!! Not all of them. In fact Jonathan Kavanagh who is present British 1200 freestyle champion decided he would borrow somebody's ski as his was all packed ready to be shipped to Havasu world finals. A very brave Rob Morris kindly loaned JK his Rickter and gave us about 1/2 an hour of freestyle display in the dark JK style.... Everyone then retired to get food and beverages. The party went long into the early hours for some (3am apparently). Some were brave enough to venture over to the bar. Upon return I heard some riders were practising their pole dancing skills within the Jobe marquis out on the camping field. I won't mention their names.... ???? ................................................................ SUNDAY Well Sunday morning got off to a very slow start for some..... Some riders didn't surface until 11ish. We gathered numbers and woke them up with a few tunes being blasted from the PA system. SUPER SLALOM !!! this was going to be fun as all riders had to compete on the same ski which was generously provided by Avos water sports Den. The course was to run in the opposite direction to the previous day. All riders had chance to practice around the course for about half an hour before the competition started. This was going to be a leveller as the weapon of choice was a trusty Yamaha VX 1100cc of four stroke power. This was going to prove who really was the fastest rider as they were all riding the same ski. Again this proved to be a very interesting result..... SATURDAY RESULTS 1st Ollie Jackson (2016 Fzs) 2nd Craig McPherson (GP class rxpx) 3rd Karl Green (2016 FZR) 4th Kevin Thomas (B1 Yamasaki) 5th Ryan S 6th Dave Simms 7th Keith Thomas (B1 Yamasaki) 8th Dave Godlington (spark) 9th Ste Davies (stxr) 10th Jaquie Rees Stand up class 1st Aaron Hickey (superjet) 2nd Jack Wells (sxr) 3rd Ziggy (superjet) Battle of the Blasters 1st Kevin Thomas 2nd Keith Thomas Battle of the stand ups 1st J Kavanagh 2nd A, Hickey 3rd Jack Wells 4th Ziggy ................................................................ SUNDAY SUPER SLALOM (All riders used Yamaha VX sponsored by Avos) 1st Ollie Jackson 2nd Ryan S 3rd Chris Atherton 4th Jack Wells 5th Amelia 6th J Kavanagh 7th Jaquie Rees 8th Rob Morris 9th Ste Davies 10th Andy 11th Karl Green 12th Aaron Hickey 13th Craig 14th Graham 15th S. Rees 16th Big Dave Please see photos for actual times. A massive thank you again to everyone who took part and helped out and a huge thank you to Chris at Avos water sports for his generosity and allowing us to use his lake and ski.
  10. Wow ! What a fantastic weekend !!!! i would just like to thank you to everyone who came.... keep your eyes peeled for the write up from the weekend and all the results...
  11. I own an rxpx 260. Its not gonna be in spark territory TBH but it's reasonable much better than a 3cyl 2 stroke. the only issue I have with mine is it has a small tank in comparison to a Yamaha barge. In leymans terms if I do a 2-3hr run with varied riding as I ride on the sea so not many days where you can hold the throttle WO. I use about 1/2 tank and equates to about £35 at the pump. £1 per mileish. If your on a lake you will use your fuel much quicker. if you want economy and not that many grins then go with a 155 but I would go for SC if you want grin factor.
  12. ***Avos round 3 itinerary for 10-11th September*** SATURDAY 09:00 sign in open 10:30 safety briefing 11:00 open water 12:00 slalom practice. 13:00 Old school freestyle comp* 14:00 Slalom. 15:30 Freestyle comp* 16:30 open water, ski until dusk. There will be a freestyle area open all weekend. Party on the beach Saturday night. Bring your own BBQ. SUNDAY..... 10:30 SUPER SLALOM 12:00 FREESTYLE FRENZY Please note insurance is required. No need for your RYA licence. We ask that all riders taking part wear a helmet and that you are all signed in by 11. This will help with getting the names sorted into categories for slalom and freestyle, which will hopefully help things run a little smoother. Launch is £30 per day per ski £15 camping which unfortunately the landlord will not waiver.... If your a lake member entry is £10 which will go into the prize/charity pot and also help us to cover costs for jet action equipment. Please be aware the itinerary is subject to change depending on entries.... So who's in and what are you taking part in ????
  13. We shall do..... It's the home of many Uk champs and big names of the sport past and present....
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