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  1. volltrex

    Fx160 mr1

    Yep ...same here....NGK CR9EB (13Nm Torque) Plugs. Yamalube 10w-30 or 10W-40 oil & Yamaha Filter 5GH-13440-20-00. Good idea to put a small amount of grease into the intermediate shaft bearing......keeps the water away from the bearing.......pump it in very slowly.....too fast & you risk blowing the seals!
  2. volltrex

    Fx160 mr1

    The specs call for an oil & filter change every 100 hrs or yearly...which ever comes first. The MR1 can start consuming oil when reaching higher hours.......more regular oil changes from new help stop this. I used to change the oil every 30-35 hrs with a filter change every other time.........at over 300 hrs I had next to no oil consumption & compression was as good as when new. Change the plugs once a year........I recommend using antisieze on the threads & reducing the torque slightly when doing up.
  3. Full tank should get you about 56 miles range at full throttle on a flat calm day..........stock engine can handle that no problem........it's built for it
  4. It's a manual pump......runs all the time the engine is on. Float switch wouldn't work that well in a ski!
  5. ASJ968......which part of France are you based? We often meet up with the French guys for coastal trips & have got to know some of them very well. They also come over to Jersey & the other islands a few times a year. Most of the time they are launching anywhere from St Malo, Granville, St Germain Sur Ay, Carteret & Dielette. Here's a pic of a BBQ we met up for on Chausey earlier this year.
  6. Hi Pete Just check the overall condition of the 140 carefully......they are great ski's.....a little slow by todays standards, but as you say, great fuel consumption & as long as the engine & components have been looked after, it shouldn't give you too many problems. I'd recommend a compression test before purchase, as well as a water test.
  7. We are lucky to have places relatively close by to explore as well as the large dolphin population. Here are some pics from today.......a trip we have been meaning to do for a while.......down to Roches Douvres......a reef in the middle of nowhere!
  8. Just thought I would post this here for those not on facebook...........Dolphins every where here at the moment! These pics are from today's ride.......just me and the dolphins...not many people out on the water yet!
  9. Nice one Amped.......you will love it! Break in.....first 5 mins below 2000rpm......next 90 mins below 5000rpm. I did 10 mins below 2000......then did an offshore trip in between 4000-5000rpm.....then opened it up all the way when conditions allowed.....hit 69.6mph!
  10. Yes just ride slow, or to be totally sure, clamp off the inlet water hose.
  11. It's the ski you are towing that could get water in the engine........water can get forced through an open exhaust valve with the motor switched off.......not that you would be towing a ski with it's motor on lol. This is also true for Seadoo's as the closed loop cooling system does not include the exhaust, which is raw water cooled. That's a big toy to tow with a ski.......Your RXT-X would pull it no problem.....but you need to check your insurance. Not sure about the mainland, but here the law states that what ever you are towing with, must have enough room to accommodate the amount of people on the toy, plus the 'driver' and a spotter, who must be used at all times. Individual lakes might have different rules, but worth checking.
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