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  1. mattygav

    Waveblaster 1

    The ski is sold
  2. mattygav

    Waveblaster 1

    Yamaha waveblaster 1 701 1994 Loki head, factory b pipe, ally waterbox, nearly new skat trak impeller and wear ring, Riva groovy ride plate and after market scoop grate. Ski needs good going over, hasn't been used for a couple of years, has a crack in the header pipe that needs welding. Motor was rebuilt by Loki customs in 2011 and has only been used once or twice a year since if that. 190psi on both pots. No trailer, stand not included. Read Less
  3. mattygav

    what you guys think of this carbon oft

    Rattle can the ski purple to match the pole
  4. mattygav

    Blaster roll

  5. mattygav

    standard cooling on a blaster 1

    yep was feeding it the wrong way for some reason thats how my dry pipe was plumbed? all sorted now apart from really low compression on 1 cylinder so rings gone of something? o well maybe thats an excuss to 760 it over winter?? i dont spose you wold know costs of boaring and pistons, or wheres best to get it done? thanks for the reply
  6. mattygav

    standard cooling on a blaster 1

    put the standard pipe and manifold back on and have cooling problems can anyone explain how it should be plumbed or have a diagram? At the moment it comes up the pickup, T`s off to the head and manifold, off the small outlet on the head to the pipe and the p*sser comes off the other side of the manifold. also tried pickup straight to the head and blocked off manifold intake but the head still gets HOT cheers
  7. mattygav


    whos best for insurance? got a b1, any idea on how much it would be? cheers matt
  8. mattygav

    meet 29 august

    just a few pics from the sunday abit further up the coast from sea palling. did take a cruise down to sp but didnt stay long
  9. mattygav

    meet 29 august

    wackojako and myself might make an apperance, will launch myself and ride down though