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  1. Seekingsun

    superjet hull wanted

    hey all looking for a super jet hull preferably with foot holds and a through bilge ..pole would be great also ! cheers anth
  2. Seekingsun

    New jet skis with no where to go

    FYI - i am also in the midlands i have a lake membership and would use the sea if i could...living in the midlands is tough as the trek to the coast is around 2.5 hours each way so a full day out! i haven't been to the coast this year despite my best intentions but i have been to kingsbury with the kids several times, they love it. i have a Seadoo gtx ltd 215 i bought it 18 months old with 30 hours on the clock. Probably the same money as the new GTI but its loaded and has all the power i need, i was keen to have the IBR system for use on the lake with the kids. Don't dismiss lake riding its ideal for towing, wake boarding and is super safe for the kids (my children are 5 and 10) i wouldn't want to take the kids out on the sea just yet especially alone. Its also quick and easy for me as i live about 15 mins from kingsbury so there's a convenience aspect to it too, i can pop out ans ski for a morning and be back home by 1 (keeps the wife happy) Most modern skis are pretty bomb proof so i wouldn't worry about what you buy form a reliability or manufacturers aspect, in my opinion it only really matters what your going to do with it.Your gti is plenty quick enough for your first ski and great for towing and taking the kids out as they are nice and stable so dont worry too much about if you have made the right decision. like the previous posts say if your still loving it in 12 months and want an upgrade trade it in and go bigger its not a massive uplift.
  3. Seekingsun

    New jet skis with no where to go

    Snap... I had to do it just for the pic Dont think my clutch would last long it burns itself out in traffic lol
  4. Seekingsun

    ***Jet Action WAVEFEST 2017***

    Up for this aswell need to check the kids are off
  5. Seekingsun

    Superjet with xcream 865

  6. Seekingsun

    Superjet with xcream 865

    Reduced to £4600
  7. Seekingsun

    Superjet with xcream 865

    Thanks jay hope your well dude!
  8. Seekingsun

    Superjet with xcream 865

  9. Seekingsun

    Superjet with xcream 865

    Specification: Yamaha Superjet hull with the following... Xscream 865 Engine Novi 48mm carbs Boyeson Intake and Cage/Reeds Factory B Mod pipe (port matched) Factory water box Jet Works Flow restrictor valve, Titan pole ATP side exhaust ATP Finger throttle MSD Ignition System Proc filters lightened fly wheel Titan billet coupler TBM pump cone, Skat Trak Prop, WSM pump wear ring (new) nozzle bored modified steering nozzle (quick Turn) Loki quick steering Worx scoop grate Blowsion engine keepers ATP straight bars ATP lowered hood ATP lowered pole bracket ATP thru bilge Rule bilge pump Semi enclosed foot holds and various other billet parts that you can see sorry no part exchange Cash on collection £4750 no offers Water test available and recommended! Deposit will need to be taken and proof of insurance etc as I ski at an inland lake
  10. Seekingsun

    Fixed steer superjet

    Yes mate still riding the b1 and also a superjet with an X scream 865 .. Forgot how much fun a superjet was #hoodtricks
  11. Seekingsun

    Do you want to learn how to do freestyle ????

    Jules when are you doing the watermouth dates?
  12. Seekingsun

    Fixed steer superjet

    Awesome can't wait to see the finished ski with it on!
  13. Seekingsun

    When reliability counts.........

    Looks like a yam to me! Probably too ashamed to be seen on it
  14. Seekingsun

    Just another 1200 Blaster conversion

    Wow nice clean build! Looking good