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  1. nerf

    colwyn bay sat/sun 23/24th feb

    Sorry guys i can't make this one again i'm getting peed off now not being able to make these, Dave how do i go on about joining colwyn jet ski club, cheers neil
  2. nerf

    Colwyn Bay Sat 9th Feb

    Me and Craig will be there Matt 10 ish hope its a bit warmer than it is tonight ,just been out with dog and its flipping cowd
  3. nerf

    colwyn bay sat the 2nd.....

    Sorry guys can't make it something has come up that i can't get out of, will catch you all on next one hopefully.
  4. nerf

    colwyn bay sat the 2nd.....

    I will hopefully be there Mark, what time you meeting up
  5. nerf

    December, Mersey meet up?

    Hopefully me and the lad should be ok for this
  6. nerf

    removing limiter on a vx110 sport

    Beltin thanks for that i will remove mine in the next couple of weeks
  7. nerf

    Anglesey loop......

    your welcome anytime Chris
  8. nerf

    Anglesey loop......

    Just got in what a great day with great people sorry no vids from me this time i forgot to charge the camera up, will make sure its charged for next time .
  9. nerf

    Anglesey loop......

    yeh come on Dave i will be going past yours around 9ish i am setting off at 7.30 so should be there just on time with a bit of luck.
  10. nerf

    Anglesey loop......

    Its already in pal hope to get some good footage, hopefully dolphins will put a show in for us.
  11. nerf

    Anglesey loop......

    I'm in for this guys just been and filled up will see you on slip around ten ish hopefully, i will keep Matt informed of my whereabouts in the morning see you all there.
  12. nerf

    Anglesey loop......

    I could do the 28th if anyone else fancies it then
  13. nerf

    next sunday, colwyn bay....

    Ha ha @ Matt yeh I like that Anglesey trip also we can try launching from Anglesey next time if you lot fancy that see how far we can get round
  14. nerf

    next sunday, colwyn bay....

    I can't make this one guys am going away should be ok for a run out at end of october though
  15. nerf

    Copyright music facebook!!!

    I keep getting a message from youtube saying I am using copyright music and it belongs to EMI the video has been banned in which ever country and I read on here somewhere yam yam wrote put a link to it so was wondering where and when do I put the link to the music I am using