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  1. K7


    Hi all, can anybody tell me the value of a 2009 supercharged waverunner, 1 owner, 34 hrs, all paperwork etc included..
  2. K7

    rnli need rescuing sometimes

    Just shows how it can go wrong for anyone!!!!!
  3. K7

    Goggles or Glasses

    Gecko full face with visor some people sl*g them off but in my opinion a top helmet +1
  4. K7

    Fitting a bilge pump on a Blaster

    Any chance of wiring diagram, sounds ideal, Cheers
  5. K7

    Fitting a bilge pump on a Blaster

    Cheers, what about the automatic ones and what switch do you use?
  6. K7

    Fitting a bilge pump on a Blaster

    Anth there's nothing coming up with that link.
  7. K7

    Fitting a bilge pump on a Blaster

    Also what's the best position for outlet, I will spend quite a lot of time not upright lol
  8. Going to fit a bilge pump, I was looking a Rule, not sure if I should get the automatic one as it would save switching on/off, what do you guys recommend ?
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z1N0Cig5To&sns=em
  10. Some really nice shiny bits here for Blaster and SJ's. http://www.701industries.com/
  11. http://www.ozfreeride.com/index.php?threads%2Fnew-blaster-build.6616%2F
  12. K7

    Superjet Rocker Mod Kits

    Nobody got friends, family in USA, they could send them as a gift.