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  1. wet`n`grinnin!!

    Blackpool area

    Best place to find Stannah Skiers is on facebook mate. Just look for stannah skiers and ask to join
  2. wet`n`grinnin!!

    PWCForums.co.uk NEW Members and Launch Site Maps

    Just added Stanah Slipway to the database, great idea!!
  3. wet`n`grinnin!!

    Stanah Slipway

    Free parking, free launching, no insurance or RYA required. Slip way is very tidal but you can usually get in 90 mins either side of high tide (search for Fleetwood tide times). Not worth launching on anything less than an 8mtr tide unless you like mud!! This slipway is used mainly by skiers but boats use it as well, the channel is best looked at during low tide so you can see where it goes on tides over 9.8 mtrs the grasslands around the launch channel gets covered over and it very easy to beach your ski, best to go with someone who is familiar with the area and NEVER ski alone!! Look for Stannah Skiers on Facebook if you want to meet up with the locals.
  4. wet`n`grinnin!!


  5. wet`n`grinnin!!

    Nice Little Project For Someone !!

    Not sure about the open propeller at the back of it, seems like a leg mincer if you come off it
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Surfblazer-qx2-boat-jetski-project-/262404663859?hash=item3d18896a33 Anyone fancy a challenge
  7. wet`n`grinnin!!

    Wanted Kawasaki ts

    Nope totally stock
  8. wet`n`grinnin!!

    Wanted Kawasaki ts

    Some pics of My SC...shes a beaut!! The horrible pink pic was taken before I restored her to her current condition.
  9. wet`n`grinnin!!

    Wanted Kawasaki ts

    Got a really nice Kawasaki 650 SC on a great trailer. Needs a repair to the exhaust which I will do if that's what's needed to get a buyer. It's in mint condition and as rare as rocking horse droppins so it's not cheap.
  10. wet`n`grinnin!!

    Aerial camera

    One of the guys we ski with has got one on order. Having seen the videos etc I dont think I will be ordering one any time soon. 25mph top speed (and thats not allowing for any headwind!!) simply wont cut it on a ski. In fact you could easily outrun it on a pushbike!! Nice idea though but it will have to get a lot faster before it will be any good for filming skis (I guess the freestyle guys will love it though as they dont go very far or very fast!!)
  11. How the other half live!! On tonight (28/12/15) on More 4 (Sky channel 136) at 10pm http://tv.sky.com/tv-guide/#/programme/detail/4043/57371
  12. wet`n`grinnin!!

    First post on new forum format !!!!

    Blimey...thats so much better, well done guys and thank you for your time and investment...long live the forum!!
  13. wet`n`grinnin!!

    Need a Router(wood working)

    1/2" router will do most things well. Soft start is essential and something with a bit of weight behind it is also good. You don't need to spend a fortune on known brands Screwfix or Toolstation do decent tools at good prices. A 1/2" router will also come with an adaptor to fit 1/4" bits but is more heavy duty.
  14. wet`n`grinnin!!

    How do we get this forum buzzing again ???

    I also don't think the 10 post rule is helping. I understand why its there but it puts newbies off