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  1. 2016, RXT-X 300. 40 hours Red, seadoo cover and trailer with wide wheels (only been in the water 3 times). Purchased from watercraft world , all servicing /winterising carried out by them. Ski is flushed and washed down after every ride, she’s presented in excellent condition. Seadoo docking system / snap-in fenders and also depth gauge fitted. Hits upper 70’s stock, very fast ski Warrenty till May 2018. £10995 Ono tel Lee 07798 621721 Isle of Wight
  2. I'm local to the bay and my mates and I launch there sometimes, however 2 summers ago the beach shop owners started trying to stop access to the public slipway which is adjacent to their shop, they've blocked the slipway, called traffic wardens on us, one of our launch vehicles has been keyed whilst we were afloat ( unproven who the scum was who did it but..... ) and generally been down right nasty to anyone wanting to launch on the slipway. The council have been helping our cause since 2014 and the police got involved last summer, new council signs went up may 13th 2016 clarifying the public access to the beach and the signs were stolen/removed within a coupe of days! You couldn't make it up! The beach shop is called the long beach shop and the 'family' also own the captains cabin restaurant opposite, it goes without saying that we choose to buy our lunch, drinks , ice cream etc etc else where and I ask that the above is considered before you spend your money at certain establisments when visiting the island
  3. phantom

    Supercharged Ski which one?

    Had IBR on my last two seadoo's - personally never had any problems, been faultless . I also embrace advance's in technology, safety and innovation , and not sit on the beach and stick my head in the sand
  4. phantom

    My new stable mate.....

    Good choice, got mine spring last year, awesome ski - turns hard!!! Other than a knock sensor failing it's been faultless , you'll also find the IBR nice to use. I was sat on the Solent Sunday just gone, trimmed right up, wide open throttle sat at 71mph ( GPS ) with the biggest grin on my face. Enjoy
  5. phantom

    Seadoo finance

    I'm please to say the days have become weeks , months and years I said this before , a south coast dealer was only telling me last year a Jap ski they were recently selling had 100% engine failure rate , makes seadoo look great on the reliability front! They've all got issues, but look after them and ensure the servicing is done right......then squeeze the throttle and hang on!!!!
  6. phantom

    Seadoo finance

    Spend a day on a RXP-260 then ask yourself the same questions I have no problem with a company being inovative and forward thinking. Yes I do own a Seadoo and no, it and the ones I've ran before hav'nt broken down ( Sorry about the double post! )
  7. phantom

    Seadoo finance

    Spend a day on a RXP-260 then ask yourself the same questions I have no problem with a company being inovative and forward thinking. Yes I do own a Seadoo and no, it and the ones I've ran before hav'nt broken down
  8. I ran a RXT-X 260 for two years, steered away for the IS and AS models, slightly top-heavy and from talking to dealers the suspension models are alot harder to work on and consequently more expensive to own. Otherwise awesome skis, if you do get a later RXT the S3 hull is excellent – much improved for the earlier hulls and the IBR is great, very easy to use. Not sure what the big deal is with the supercharger washers, early skis were a supercharger rebuild at 100 hours, the newer skis have a improved supercharger and the rebuild schedules is 200 hours. Other ‘brands’ of skis must also have maintenance and service schedules??? Its like ANYTHING with an engine, make sure its been looked after and serviced appropriately , good luck with your hunt!
  9. phantom


    He put his house in his wife's name just before pleading guilty, so restricting any financial claims on him.........nice chap
  10. phantom

    Bad Press

    IF incidents like this do happen the ultimately the sport with suffer with new bylaws and legislation. Today, you can’t enter Lyminton river with a PWC because of some idiots actions in the past. I’ve personally as I’m sure we all have experienced prejudice against our sport and I’ve also witnessed first hand idiots on skis who shouldn’t be on the water, so what do you do, stick your head in the sand??
  11. phantom

    Bad Press

    What ever the speed they p*ssed off a yacht club, did they actually endanger any ones lives, I've no idea but the club feels strongly enough to involve the mca, which can't be good for our sport or reputation. If the incident did happen as described by the safety boat crew then they have every reason to complain, I certainly would.
  12. phantom

    Bad Press

    Just had a mate pop to my workshop (Ray) and made me aware of a incident on the Solent last Sunday. He was crewing on a safety boat for Royal Victoria yacht club ( based at Fishbourne – IOW ) supervising a group of kids who were racing dinghy’s just off Woodside, to the west of Fishbourne. He said around midday approximately 6 ski’s at speed approached from the direction of Ryde pier and rather than deviating around the kids, tore at speed though the group of dinghy’s and continued on towards Cowes. His description of the skis in question were ‘large and most or all the riders were wearing helmets’. Lets just say he wasn’t and still isn’t very happy, he also said the yacht club have reported the incident to the MCA. Ray’s aware I ski and asked me to make other PWC users aware of the above. I didn’t witness Sundays incident, but whatever happened its more ammunition for the anti’s, the minority spoil it for the majority ïŒ