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  1. After a prop for a superjet. My mate has been using the standard aluminium rubbish for far too long so I have convinced him to upgrade! Anything about?
  2. robnobnorb

    Protec pipe joining rubber

    Oh really cheers mate will get on there and have a looky
  3. I'm after the joining rubber that joins the 2 halves of a protec pipe together anybody know where I could get one from? Cheers
  4. robnobnorb

    Superjet pump seals what way????

    Ha ha thanks looking at that circled and enlarged bit I have them the right way now! do I need to use the prop spacer seal thing?? when I fit the prop? It sits closer to the veins without it but don't no if it has to be in there?
  5. robnobnorb

    Superjet pump seals what way????

    In the stator section of the pump there are 2 seals behind the impeller who knows what way around each seal goes???? Thanks
  6. robnobnorb

    Pump seals where to buy

    Couldn't see them on NC and ATP only seem to do them with bearings?
  7. Swapping some sections of my pump about and I now need the 2 seals that go in the stator section behind the impeller, where is the best place to buy them at a reasonable price? Thanks
  8. robnobnorb

    Superjet prop query

    Ok thanks gents iwi chuck it in and try it it will more than likely be fine for my needs I was mainly just worried it was wrong and might just cause cavitation or something I guessed that there may have been a stone jammed between the stator and trailing edge of the prop bending it up! But as it seems if hthat does not look out of place then it's fine I will fit it and test it out
  9. robnobnorb

    Superjet prop query

    Oh ok thanks rick so would blades like this be more suited to loats or little power? I'm only running a 701 mild porting pipe and an aluminum flywheel will be combined with a tbm cone too
  10. robnobnorb

    Superjet prop query

    Just got myself a new 08+ proo so large hub was going to try fit it hopefully this weekend but just wanted to check something before I took my old one out this one in then end up with issues, and going back again. So I am not sure but I thought these blades were suppost to sit flat with the base of the prop as to sit tight against the stator, this one the blades all seem to lift up at the ends nearly 10mm is this right or not???
  11. robnobnorb

    Superjet prop

    Good stuff anybody know what the pitch is on these? Guessing I could find one of these cheaper than any other aftermarket prop??? I got a tbm cone here waiting to go in I just need a prop now lol
  12. robnobnorb

    Superjet prop

    Am I right in saying the 2008 and up SJ uses a stock large hub prop? Will these fit the shaft and the housing of the pre2008 SJ? Are these stainless or are they still making the stock props ally??
  13. robnobnorb

    Loading a ski in a van

    Yeh come to think of it blocking the exhaust is a good idea and I don't have a scupper anyway didn't no if anyone had like a try system they put it in or anything
  14. Am thinking of getting a van and rather than trailer my superjet Carry it in the back! What does everyone do about the water that comes out of the ski! Will it kill the van in a short time with sea water just sitting in places??
  15. robnobnorb

    Superjet freeride surf hull build

    Need to mould some footholds so starting with some Celotex to cut my shape but need to stick a few bits together! What's the best glue to use that will not affect how I cut the celotex ?