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  1. LVC

    Seadoo 3D help required

    Nice result - Alan does indeed know his stuff
  2. LVC


    and the best of luck to you sir P.S. You can credit me for the "up" on this post for the day I need to call you
  3. LVC


    I could tell you but I'd have to charge ^^
  4. LVC

    Which to choose?

    The GT hulls, known as the lfi, is built for fun, it's lightweight and less V-shaped allowing more rider involvement, feedback and a more playful design than the S3/T3 range which are deep V shaped and designed to ride through the chop. All depends how you ride and where you do it. I run a GTR215 as I'm lake based and free-ride (also tow and often ride 3-up with the family on board) although having said that I also kick-arse around a tight lake circuit leaving most of the S3/T3 hulls behind (although that's more pilot experience than hull design) no point in mentioning Kawas or Yams on a tight lake circuit as there's not enough room for them to make any turns, lol.
  5. LVC

    Seadoo 3D help required

    Do a compression test on both cylinders and tell us what you get - if they're both around 120 psi then it's not the cylinders - sounds like either a fuel or electric problem once under load (in water rather than on the trailer). I restored a 2006 model and sold it for a good profit - awesome ski, great fun - people that have never ridden one will knock them - shame really as everyone that rode mine loved it.
  6. LVC

    1990 Kawasaki restoration

    You need to be here (and all will be revealed): UKVJS United Kingdom Vintage Jet Ski Racing Club >> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1151746241520498/
  7. LVC

    Capsizing Jet Ski

    lol I've capsized plenty - however most of the modern "boats" are much harder to capsize as they're built for fat Americans to float about on and as such are way more stable and inherently less fun than the old school 2-stroke jets - unless you like going fast forever in a straight line. However things you need to remember are always turn it back over in the direction indicated in your manual and usually on the sticker on the rear of the jet (which is stuck on upside down for this very purpose). Put your weight onto the side of the hull which needs to go "under", fingers in the intake grate and use your weight to pull her back over - it'll flip without too much effort usually. The direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise) is very important as if you get it wrong then the water in your water-box (exhaust system) can get "scooped" into the engine causing a possible hydro-lock and expensive repairs. If you flip a 4-stoke jet then you also need to wait a little bit for the oil to run back down into the sump before you start her up again - don't need to wait years but long enough to have sufficient oil in the sump to lubricate the engine when you crank it over. Don't be surprised if your display comes up with some warning signs once back up the right way there are various sensors that may need time to reset themselves before all is good again. If in doubt once back up the right way and back on the trailer take her into your dealer/specialist to check her over.
  8. Why did you have water in it ? Oil could have been a simple excess/overspill from a recent oil change or if you've flipped it oil can seep out of the dipstick or oil cap not on tight enough or .......
  9. Wives and boats - the best ways to get rid of all your money ^^
  10. The GTI is bigger, longer and twice the weight with slightly less power than the XP (depending upon model) so yes it will be very different to your XP - once you know how to ride the big jets they can be enormous fun and the LFi hull that the GT range (GTS, GTI and GTR) has from 2012 onwards is the best for fun as it's lighter and less V-shaped than the S3 and T3 hulls of the other SeaDoos. You'll enjoy the Spark
  11. You've just answered your own question : "... but I have no idea about mechanics ...." - that rules out 2-strokes. GTI is a fun ski if you know how to ride one and you're not on the learner key (which you possibly were for the RYA) but will never compare to a 2-stroke XP hull, the Spark is good middle ground & probs the best choice for you IMHO.
  12. You get what you pay for.... the Spark is a great fun ski with reasonable running costs (don't believe all the hype about fuel efficiency, it still drinks like its big brothers and offshore sometimes worse) and nice and stable - however it does have a plastic hull (which can crack and is rarely fixable - read hull replacement) and is always going to be worth less than a decent GTi130. But a Spark is a much better choice IMHO than an older less efficient/reliable 2-stroke My kids started riding before they were 1 and now both the last two (4 and 2) are addicted with my 12 year old riding the WB2 by himself for the last 4 years.
  13. Yes - save and get a 4T model. 2T cost more to run and maintain and are unreliable - unless it's lake only use I wouldn't take a 3 year old out on an old 2T. Find a nice SeaDoo GTi130 or Yam VX model - cheap to run, reliable and stable enough for taking the kiddie out with you.
  14. LVC

    Slow Kawasaki

    Should be closer to 90kph
  15. LVC

    Fire extinguishers

    What about helping your fellow jetskier out that's caught fire - maybe you could use your extinguisher to put out his fire and then maybe someone else could help you - lol