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  1. The OEM exhaust is already blocked off its the 701 industry rear exhaust I have the problem with because its on the left and I didn't want to glass up but I can always get a transom plate to cover it I was just hoping that I could fit the new one on the left and just make the hole bigger. Did you use the OEM exhaust from the raider or did you buy a new one. Sorry for all the questions it can just save a lot of time if someone has already done one and over come these problem's. Thanks Lee
  2. Looks fun mate are they both 1200. Are you running 2 water boxes or 1 because I know extreme sale a water box kit but I have 2 wave raider boxes and I'm just trying to keep the cost down. On top of that the ski has a 701 rear exhaust on it and it on the left and the 1100 exhaust need to go on the right and I really don't want to re glass it. Any ideas would be great. Thanks Lee
  3. Thanks keith much appreciated mate I don't so pose you know where I can get one from and how much it might be. Thanks Lee
  4. That sound good I'm in the process of rebuilding my ski at the mo but it will be done soon I used to go to Herne bay before I went to oz so let me know when you are going next and I will try and get me ski done as quickly as I can.
  5. Hi ya where are you sking because I've just starting to get back in to it because iv been in oz for 6 years then building a house for 4years I did bring my ski back with me but its just sat there collecting dust I'm in Chatham kent.
  6. Thanks jay I'm sure it will be good what ever I do. I just need to get it built now because I've not been out on the water since I been back in the country and that was 4 year's ago. Looking forward to it.
  7. Hi all I'm hoping someone can help I'm looking into building a 1100 blaster 1 I've got a 1100 waveraider engine that I have rebuilt from the ground up I'm now looking into getting a conversion kit from extreme in the states with there rear water box kit but I'm not sure about the pump do I try and get a 155 installed or do I just get a new prop I know extreme do a 14/21 or a 15/22 which they think will be fine I just don't know what's the best thing to do if anyone has done this build could you please let me know what your thoughts. Thanks Lee
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