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  1. Think most run the 144 pump mate with just a prop change, pretty sure Al on here does too.
  2. Yes mate its the last two numbers
  3. Ive just received this pump this week mate. Plan is 25l container and flush on the slip.. sick of driving home and back to lockup takes longer than the actual skiing lol. Should be quite neat package. Pump is 20l/min so plenty enough for a flush
  4. Whats the underside like mate? Is it same fixing as the usual yam storage tubes on other skis?
  5. Use wd40, fluid film or gt85. Don't, whatever you do, ask whats best....
  6. Merry belated xmas badger. You doing Wavefest this year mate?
  7. Leave the hood open after use, if its in garage i leave mine off all the time. Keeps it from building condensation
  8. Nice mate, where u from?
  9. I really like my gecko helmet.. I hate wearing a helmet too but the ear bungs come out and its so lightweight, you hardly notice your wearing it. RNLI use them too i believe. had an mx helmet hated it didn't wear it
  10. Any one got a tote they are selling plz

  11. Dans having a clear out of some quality 701 bits, check out fb or give them a call.. i'd be quick
  12. Thats the one! Great tote that
  13. One for sale in blackpool mate on the fb pages, lad called adam selling it. Nice tote too seen it before, would be ideal for a hx
  14. Looks great! I kinda want one of them now too
  15. Whats made you decide on one of them mate? I had a 155 with near 400h on it for less than £2k and stuck a wake pole from a wake model which cost £100 lol. Good ski that but they're huge things.. much preferred my old spark tbh.