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  1. Looks a nice ski! Probably got a battery by now but the lucas gel are the ones to get
  2. jay

    Blackpool area

    Where abouts do u launch at? is it tides restricted mate?
  3. Somethings not right you should be flying, sounds like your getting cavitation if it feels like your hitting rev limit from the off. How long u had the ski, has it always behaved like this? Someone says above 0.75mm and you'll get cavitation. id send the pump off to jet shed, best way
  4. jay

    Blackpool area

    Stannah skiers mate will be your nearest club. Theres Morecambe Bay Jetski Club too launch on the bay and also at snatchems in the river lune, lancaster.
  5. It was a bargain, it was a little tired and had the steering tabs removed which made turning terrible, be aware of that as its quite common i believe. They're a solid ski the gtx, get some massive hours on them, i seen 900, 1000hrs no issues on the USA forums. Fuel was alright on it yeh, the spark was soo much more fun though, i actually preferred to tow with the spark too as the touring mode made throttle feathering a lot smoother .
  6. How much is the wake? ive had a 155 gtx with ski pole, essentially the same thing before, 321hrs i think, cost me £1700... I had a 3up spark brand new, great ski, i sold it as i felt it was too much money to be in a toy at near £7k.. if id of gone for the entry level at £5k though i probably would've kept that. Remap the entry level spark and your running 110hp and its quick. The 3up wake is good if your towing but its a barge compared with a yam gp or spark.. 2strokes can be a pain.. buying a 2nd hand used ski will always have an element of risk, so id keep some cash back just incase if you do go down that route.. I honestly think spark is your best option, and they seem to hold their value extremely well should you decide to go to something else
  7. Think most run the 144 pump mate with just a prop change, pretty sure Al on here does too.
  8. Ive just received this pump this week mate. Plan is 25l container and flush on the slip.. sick of driving home and back to lockup takes longer than the actual skiing lol. Should be quite neat package. Pump is 20l/min so plenty enough for a flush
  9. Whats the underside like mate? Is it same fixing as the usual yam storage tubes on other skis?
  10. Use wd40, fluid film or gt85. Don't, whatever you do, ask whats best....
  11. Merry belated xmas badger. You doing Wavefest this year mate?
  12. Leave the hood open after use, if its in garage i leave mine off all the time. Keeps it from building condensation
  13. I really like my gecko helmet.. I hate wearing a helmet too but the ear bungs come out and its so lightweight, you hardly notice your wearing it. RNLI use them too i believe. had an mx helmet hated it didn't wear it
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