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  1. Not sure what the tolerance is, but googling the specs there is 200lbs weight difference in the skis......
  2. Question is are you....... 56......I do that to low fuel warning taking it easy
  3. 2009 gp760? Is your prop worn? Damaged? The 760 is a lighter ski is he also a lighter rider?
  4. Was the oil emulsified? White? Or clear/dark? Is there oil in he engine? Is it full? If you are worried I just would take it back to who ever fitted the hull and ask them to check it over a 2017 craft should be under warranty?
  5. Try mike at wetjets not sure where they are operating this year.
  6. Just phone a Yamaha dealer gliddon, Avos, fosse hill, jet craft, n&c etc
  7. Have you tried http://www.jetskiworld.co.uk/#
  8. Some place sinsit on RYA to launch its £120 ish and a day on your new ski why wouldn't you? Where have you used skis before? Unlike cars and bikes that you can just just buy and hit the tarmac with it's a bit trickier with skis many slips don't allow them, so people tend to be quite precious of the ones that are hence the fees and the limits on members, there is a free (still have to pay) for all public slip in Essex and I have heard it's chaos when the sun shines! Make sure you have good insurance if your going there!
  9. Just watch she doesn't enjoy the spark or you'll be in the boat
  10. Do your RYA, join a club (jet ski cafe maybe) learn how to ride and handle the ski build some confidence and when your ready to go exploring I am sure you'll know where to go. Have you asked the dealer your buying from? They should be able to help you with local launch sites ( there isn't that many)
  11. Buy a spark, as kids grow up buy a boat and keep the spark for you....
  12. Well that's flat out for about an hour the WOT gph is published, AquaX is 30 min and most skis survive that and if water is flat many are mostly flat out for the duration should last an hour WOT without blowing up on a stock ski and a tanks of fuel just over my guess. UK water shouldn't overheat either This model has interesting technology in it's Nanoxel2 hull as well as the SVHOengine. ... Top speed for the Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO (2016-) is 70.0 mph (112.7 kph), burning 20.95 gallons per hour (gph) or 79.3 liters per hour ...
  13. Google is your friend Hartlepool maybe there was a site there 158performance also probably
  14. Sparks are great skis but not the be and end all, used spark £4K 3 years old used GTi/GTs etc £4K 8+ years old , used VX/fx £4K 10+ years old all probably similar hours.... 100+ spark hull can be repaired (new hull around £1000+ labour) but may not be viable seeping on damage same as a glass ski but you can't buy a new hull £1000.... £3k your into high hour (not always a bad thing) VX/GTi over 10 years old many will carry on another 10+ years but needs careful consideration and viewing. few clean working skis drop below £2k in 20 years if you can afford more now a ) it should be still there in a few years b ) you hopefully won't have spend any on maintenance wrong time of year for a deal But I may know of a 3up spark for £4200
  15. Best bet is try and find a service manual, greenhulk is the best place to look. 143 sounds reasonable 60 ish I'll check what the spec is on my Yamaha both stat and sensor tested in spec, but it happened again and all pissers were flowing well and motor wasnt abnormally hot so I swapped sensor and all good since having access to service manual, diagnostic software & parts makes it much easier on a Yamaha