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  1. Ha ha compared to mates new 2 up spark my FX has been less reliable new with warranty vs good few years old...... cost was similar and the spark gets a lot more use for various reasons....
  2. Sparks are great fun but not really long distance crusaders, for long distance don't get a Supercharged ski, good fun though. Yamaha are the king of the cruisers with the FX HO 1800. The seadoo gti/gtx 155 are good too. Seadoos tend to have more toys features than Yamaha ( & Kawasaki) the GTR 230 is a very very nice ski and fast! Dot know you will get one for €10,000 but if you can good luck! If your looking used then there is probably plenty of choice....
  3. Sparks are great fun, never fished if a ski 3 up might do ok depends on the conditions and how much gear you need to take
  4. https://www.jetskihub.co.uk/single-post/2016/07/01/Jet-Ski-Hire Might offer something
  5. dont know about the older 185, might be better buying a newer model a 260 or 300 if you have the cash.
  6. Not done it but you can make a 215 a 255 with bigger injectors and intercooler and a tune I think, the blocks are the same the supercharger might be a bit different there are loads of performance parts for sale you can spend thousands if you want to 158 are probably the place to contact for info and prices. https://www.4-tecperformance.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=18&zenid=v5a7octbrgp2iaj2ausp536q16
  7. Sorry it's loctite 248 in the stick http://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-body-repair/adhesives/loctite-threadlocker its actually a decent price at halfrauds!
  8. Have a good read of the manual if you have bent the props (probably have) or the veins (if lucky they will be ok) you may need to do more than just get the stones out. might be worth a call to mechanic, marcel offers a helpline might be worth a call
  9. Don't suck up the beach on your water test
  10. No ibr is easier to get the pump off, you can get a torque wrench at machine mart for under £30 https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cht204-38in-drive-reversible-torque-wre/?da=1&TC=GS-040212609&gclid=CIWn7NvT7dMCFYEV0wodTggBDg
  11. The stones were in the pump when you bought the ski? I don't know how to dismantle a seadoo pump (have a Yamaha) but should be straight forward (does the ski have I've) get some loctite for reassembly I use 242 there is a print stick type one in halfrauds for £6ish bilge water is always there even even after sucking it out with a pump there is some left a day later, did you water test the ski before buying???
  12. The leading edge of the prop has seen better days probably lost some top end speed you can replace the prop or get an flatter market but I would rip in it a while as is in case you suck soemthing up..... Or looked at many seadoo drive shafts but does look like it's picked up some surface corrosion may be normal for that age of ski. get out out and enjoy it while the weather is good, you have all winter to worry about the prop and if you should get a new one or not! Challenge is for you to get it to 300 hours by next spring.....
  13. If you take the board to the right place they can re do the surface mount know a place down here, probably not much good but some laptop/mobile repair places can do it. Possibly some TV service centres but most just do board swaps.....
  14. That's incredible and amazing be very glad you don't live in wales.......
  15. May be is mis remebered how long it was (don't take a watch on the ski) maybe he mis read it or decided to go a bit longer... Amped stick with what the book says....