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  1. HDAV

    First jetski

    Hi buying a seadoo 2 stroke is risky, (buying any used 2 stroke is) take someone that knows skis with you, water test (on water riding not on a hosepipe) check compression. They are great fun when running right but nearly 20 year old marine motors particularly highly strung ones are a pain and plenty of cowboy rebuilders out there budget spending £1500 on it in the first year of ownership any les and you have done well....
  2. HDAV

    Can’t break seal on impeller housing

    THere are tabs cast into the housing pry at these with a pry bar or a stubby driver once the seal is broken it’s not too bad be sparing with sikaflex when refitting
  3. HDAV

    PWCForums.co.uk NEW Members and Launch Site Maps

    Not really plenty of activity on faceache
  4. Clacton and stone water sports club I know of not been there myself
  5. @X2.6Rotary on here but every ski mechanic and bodger in the country is flat out right now.....
  6. HDAV

    kawasaki stx 12f self-diagnosis

    Have you tapped the start button then press and hold I think that’s how it works on a yamaha have to do it within so many seconds of waking the ecu if no spark then it could well be ecu issue, timing, sensor, where in the U.K. are you are you there a are a few kwak specialists left n&c jetski would be worth a call
  7. Have a read here http://pwp.org.uk/recreational/ Where are you planning on launching? As each launch requires different stuff but most need 3rd party liability insurance is minimum, some require you register or join a club some just require payment. If you havent launched there before phone ahead and ask..... in general, life jacket, cash, fuel/oil, phone, sunscreen are the minimums the list then grows.... and grows and grows.....
  8. HDAV

    Newbie looking for some advice.

    £3k is bottom end of 4 stroke top end of 2 stroke money. seadoo 4tec would be just in budget and ideal Yamaha VX 110 maybe or a Kawasaki Styx 12/15f all 4stoke normally aspirated if maintained very reliable. 2 stroke wise Yamaha xl800/1200, vx700 ( used by rnli) not so sure on seadoo or kawa 2 bangers, Polaris are out of PWC market Honda too but the aquatrax (Honda only made 4 stroke) was a great ski and sought after still. not many dealers in South Wales gliddon in brixham for yamaha, birchells torquay and Russell powerboats in reading for seadoo are nearest I think. if u find another forum let me know.... all on Facebook these days or greenhulk (American/international forum ) this is for sale for £3500 www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlxM71YGFMw could be just the sort of thing your looking for...
  9. HDAV

    Newbie looking for some advice.

    Also coming up in porthcawl jet ski racing in July worth coming down for a look if you are around. https://p1aquax.com/Race-info/Porthcawl/2018/86195
  10. HDAV

    Newbie looking for some advice.

    Hi Sam have a read here. http://pwp.org.uk/recreational/ where in South Wales? There are slips at oxwich (limited after 4pm), club at Porthcawl, http://pps-club.com/ limited slip at mumbles, port talbot (Afan boat club) Barry (restricted numbers at present) as for ski depends what what you want it for and budget, for adrenaline 4 stroke supercharged will do 70+ But there is more to fun and adrenaline than speed, quite a few guys with bike shave seadoo sparks and love them top out at 50ish but like a mx bike on water cheap to buy and run great fun lots of smiles per mile or you have the 1800cc supercharged monsters that do 70stock and warmed up 85+...... there is a pwc course at oxwich this Saturday great way to start http://www.swanseawatersports.com/
  11. HDAV

    VX 110 Deluxe Value

    Good looking ski £3.5-4K easy the older vx don’t hold value like the fx models, condition makes a difference but good solid skis not fast but great on fuel.... if your hoping ping for more like £5-6k there are similar hours and age fx 160 and early fx sho it what do you need to see from it? That’s your answer really it’s only going to go down in value and now is a good time to sell, skis need running and using, sat it will deteriorate... stick it on gumtree or facebook its it’s free and see what offer you get if you get no interest it’s too high if you get lots it’s too low......
  12. Get in on Facebook but be wary, there are plenty of people who will try and buy it cheap and then Resell for a profit apperently vintage jet skis are a thing...... best at place to get an idea on value there are a few groups for stand ups but try asking at a local lake
  13. HDAV

    Place's to use Jet Ski in North West of England?

    And here http://www.pwcgwynedd.co.uk/ski-locations/ and http://blcclub.co.uk/
  14. HDAV

    Place's to use Jet Ski in North West of England?

    Try here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1464943533724671/
  15. HDAV

    Place's to use Jet Ski in North West of England?

    Hi and welcome Chris will likely know of other places better but you have north wales on your doorstep, colwyn bay jetski club, pwc gwenydd etc and also launches at Blackpool BLCC And Morcombe bay. This is place is dead Facebook is where it all happens