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  1. VX Ho 2017 top speed

    Hmmm an SHO should on flat water be able to slowly reel you in and pull away flat out. I'm not sure my gps is any more accurate mind... seems to get some spurious readings..... tempted to trade my SHO for VX HO
  2. VX Ho 2017 top speed

    Does seem slow I would expect 60+ the tr-1 ski does 55? 70 is optimistic 7200 is low get dealer to plug it in and red rpm logs 7700rpm stock Rev limit? saves you fuel tho.... prop not chipped or damaged at all?
  3. New Yam Ski

    When was that? Was he bald? There is usually an offer on joining earlier in the season before march/april saves £50, mumbles is odd can launch out of season but not in summer, oxwich in summer limits access till after 4pm to get into car park, no such restrictions at porthcawl you get full access to slip and club all year. Regularly ride to oxwich saves the traffic
  4. New Yam Ski

    I think club is good (it's growing and improving) come down and have a chat, most weekends there are people out this weekend most are in Torquay for AquaX worth going if you can as 6 porthcawl members are racing I think and another 4/5 will probably be there on the sidelines
  5. New Yam Ski

    Erm yes and no yes the SVHO pulls harder and tops out at a faster speed, the HO is close to start but then the SVHO pulls away. watch AquqaX and the fastest HO are faster than the slower SVHO riders the HO you can hold flat out for longer the SVHO not as much, personally I would rather own a HO and ride a SVHO some one else fuels and maintains..... if you can try and ride both the SVHO has a better grin factor....... or get the SHO (not sold anymore) as thirsty as an SVHO as fast as an HO lol
  6. New Yam Ski

    You'll be in good company porthcawl is mostly SVHO owners but at least 2 have switched to HO and can still burn a 70l tank in hour 30 or so on flat water..... typically the HO have 15l more fuel in at the end of the day but biggest difference is riding style one guy on an SVHO comes back with more fuel after the same trip as another with a HO....... the guys on the TR-1 engined VX burn half the fuel as the 1800's and still do the same distance we just have to stop and wait for them......
  7. Lyndsay Ellis

    ?????? not for a millionaire lmfao http://www.oxwichwatersports.co.uk/jet-skiing/4588020370
  8. Lyndsay Ellis

    Certainly get out on the water and see what it's all about between the 2 port talbot lake spark going in circles and oxwich Yamaha coastal safari you can see the sport/hobby at its fullest if your serious the course is better for time on water. If your not so serious the safari is cheaper but shorter nice day with the family oxwich, book a ride and then have lunch etc, port talbot not so much! But good cafe round the corner "Bros" AquaX race in Torquay next weekend if your around that way
  9. Lyndsay Ellis

    Ok £5k is plenty for a first ski, yes course is mostly on the water cheapest way to get on a ski for a day. The course is generally all day, 4 hour spent on water for £130-150 an hours safari £80 most places..... you up can rent a spark in port talbot on a lake, Swansea water sports do safari hire from beach in oxwich, safari place in Torbay too.
  10. Lyndsay Ellis

    RYA course is mostly in the water cheapest way to hire a ski! if you are in Cardiff I recommend Swansea watersports they do safari and RYA course based at oxwich beach on the gower cardiff bay is a no no unfortunately but plenty of places to launch in South Wales i regular ride ride over to Devon or down to oxwich from porthcawl.
  11. Lyndsay Ellis

    look here: http://www.swanseawatersports.com/index.php/courses/ryjet-ski http://porthcawljetskiclub.com/
  12. Lyndsay Ellis

    Some links: https://jurassicjetskitours.co.uk/ http://jetsetgo.club/ http://www.rya.org.uk/courses-training/courses/personal-watercraft/Pages/personal-watercraft-proficiency-course.aspx http://porttalbotjetskilake.co.uk/jet-ski-experience there are loads more......
  13. Lyndsay Ellis

    Stick to 4 stroke who will use ski? how old? Where will you use it? Beach? Lake? Weekend throughout the year? Only summer holidays? where will you launch? Beach?marina? Etc towing it or keeping in one place (marina caravan park etc) all skis will work pretty much for what you want spark, gti, gtx, wake seadoo, ex, VX, fx Yamaha Finding the right one for £5k is the tricky bit as you are new get as much one on skis as you can there is the RYA course and several places offering safaris or even rentals seek them out and down some time to learn about what's possible
  14. Looking for my first jetski

    Do the RYA course first then take your time skis are silly money right now, wait a couple of months to get a better deal unless your going to be proper hardcore and ski all year might be better waiting till the spring. decide what you want to do with the ski and chat to the people you see out on skis (only think we like doing more than riding skis is standing around talking about them) fun in in a bay solo spark is great, long distance cruising Yamaha FX, towing a skier or a tube seadoo gtx/wake 4tec Loads more to choose from try and get out and try as many as you can there is a company doing safaris in Torquay and a few others take a trip and see what you think, Jurassic jet ski tours is one stay away from 2 strokes
  15. Lyndsay Ellis

    Hi and welcome £5k is a good budget and you'll have plenty of choice of ski, I recommend doing the RYA PWC certificate before buying. There are dealers selling new and used skis gliddon is the Torquay Yamaha dealer and seadoo dealer is at brixham https://www.yamaha-waverunner.co/ http://www.birchellmarine.co.uk/ worth having a read here http://www.tor-bay-harbour.co.uk/harbours/leisure/jetskis.htm facebook is where a lot get advertised there are some good groups, if buying used water test before handing over cash. Which ski depends on what you want to do, have fun in the bay, tow a skier, long distance cruise 2 up etc (most skis will do all more or less but some are more ideal for each element)