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  1. HDAV

    clean inner gel coat

    Which bit are you trying to clean the motor or the hull material?
  2. HDAV

    Oil / Petrol ration waveblaster 3

    Your choice but marine and land 2 stroke oils are different and have different ratings, yamalube is what all Yamaha motors are designed to run on and widely available, he ratio depends on a getting enough oil into motor and b not so much it effects combustion the carbs should be set for a ratio that will probably be correct oiling at max rpm and over oiling at lower
  3. HDAV

    Oil / Petrol ration waveblaster 3

    Need marine 2 stroke oil (not the same as MX oil) and use the ratio the engine builder set it up for https://seamarknunn.com/acatalog/YAMALUBE-2-W-Waverunner-2-Stroke-1-Litre-YMD630230100-YAYMD630230100.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw3KzdBRDWARIsAIJ8TMSEQK9GzpDSTWA15bTmWDpuGaJs-nqJ5qnLDFS7MPR2RIi2BXDYg9saAiH7EALw_wcB
  4. HDAV

    New to jetski

    Hi and welcome, where will you be using it? How old are the kids? Have you ridden a ski before? What budget? 2004 vx is pretty old should get a much newer ski for same money as 2017 spark!
  5. Line one should have them in Cirencester
  6. HDAV

    repair jet ski advice please

    I think the gp1300 is sac fibreglass hull so you can repair it if experienced in glass repairs. Jet shed in Sheffield or Fosse hill may be able to recommend someone local With a good repair some paint and new decals it could look as good as new. https://www.fossehill.co.uk/jet-ski https://www.rothervalleyjetshed.com/
  7. HDAV

    waverunner leak

    Bilge pump won’t fix it, but will stop it sinking...... common fault and it’s a big engine out job! Painting some sealant on it is a bodge and a bad one! Back to dealer for a refund! Unfit for purpose and allhta they have attempted repair, it’s failed, had it back and buy a different ski! see the comments!
  8. HDAV

    First jetski

    Hi buying a seadoo 2 stroke is risky, (buying any used 2 stroke is) take someone that knows skis with you, water test (on water riding not on a hosepipe) check compression. They are great fun when running right but nearly 20 year old marine motors particularly highly strung ones are a pain and plenty of cowboy rebuilders out there budget spending £1500 on it in the first year of ownership any les and you have done well....
  9. HDAV

    Can’t break seal on impeller housing

    THere are tabs cast into the housing pry at these with a pry bar or a stubby driver once the seal is broken it’s not too bad be sparing with sikaflex when refitting
  10. HDAV

    PWCForums.co.uk NEW Members and Launch Site Maps

    Not really plenty of activity on faceache
  11. Clacton and stone water sports club I know of not been there myself
  12. @X2.6Rotary on here but every ski mechanic and bodger in the country is flat out right now.....
  13. HDAV

    kawasaki stx 12f self-diagnosis

    Have you tapped the start button then press and hold I think that’s how it works on a yamaha have to do it within so many seconds of waking the ecu if no spark then it could well be ecu issue, timing, sensor, where in the U.K. are you are you there a are a few kwak specialists left n&c jetski would be worth a call
  14. Have a read here http://pwp.org.uk/recreational/ Where are you planning on launching? As each launch requires different stuff but most need 3rd party liability insurance is minimum, some require you register or join a club some just require payment. If you havent launched there before phone ahead and ask..... in general, life jacket, cash, fuel/oil, phone, sunscreen are the minimums the list then grows.... and grows and grows.....
  15. HDAV

    Newbie looking for some advice.

    £3k is bottom end of 4 stroke top end of 2 stroke money. seadoo 4tec would be just in budget and ideal Yamaha VX 110 maybe or a Kawasaki Styx 12/15f all 4stoke normally aspirated if maintained very reliable. 2 stroke wise Yamaha xl800/1200, vx700 ( used by rnli) not so sure on seadoo or kawa 2 bangers, Polaris are out of PWC market Honda too but the aquatrax (Honda only made 4 stroke) was a great ski and sought after still. not many dealers in South Wales gliddon in brixham for yamaha, birchells torquay and Russell powerboats in reading for seadoo are nearest I think. if u find another forum let me know.... all on Facebook these days or greenhulk (American/international forum ) this is for sale for £3500 www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlxM71YGFMw could be just the sort of thing your looking for...