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  1. You could take a rod and some spinners...... wont take long before you can go for a run and open her up.
  2. You joined the dark side and gone supercharged! They look fab in blue! Is that the cruiser seat?
  3. Most boring 2 hours you will have on the ski! was out with a mate running in a 2017 svho last weekend....... Try and have fun! Some do the first bit (5 min) on the hose rather than the water, you need somewhere flat to do circles an hour...... go mad after 20 min clockwise and anti clockwise and do some figure 8's
  4. https://player.vimeo.com/video/207519702
  5. Beach launch, payment required for launching and parking, club membership available restricted launching times during peak season May - August and busy days.
  6. Private members only slip at Afan boat club annual membership required. Concrete slip accessible 2 hours either side of high tide.
  7. Slipway with parking open for use see local signs and notices on RNLI boathouse, slipway at high tide beach at low tide.
  8. Freindly club with good facilities, tractor launch only
  9. http://www.ubergizmo.com/2017/03/gratis-x1-electric-jet-ski/ electric standup now! Looks cool!
  10. Contact your local flyboard rental operator they are normally a crowd pleaser there are a couple on the south coast I think still. One in Poole http://aquaticjetpacks.com/
  11. Where is it? £6-8k depending on location and spec £8k at dealer £6-7k private
  12. Good price on an rxt in good nic, Sparks are awesome if you want to do long cruises look at a gti/fx ho play in surf spark if you have budget for a new spark get one simples.....
  13. That's a lot of cars, the learner key is ideal for the novice rider to use you didn't mention your kids just your partner, are the kids going to be riding solo or as passengers? Ski's can be dangerous just like anything if treated without respect but are awesome fun and very different. Going fast on flat water isn't a big deal but rough water is a real rush. I just think you will get bored of the 130 pretty quick and want I upgrade. I have an FX SHO and drive an Astra if thats relevant ??? The ferrari comment was a joke, but I really don't care how much your Range Rover cost....... And neither does the salt if you're beach launching....... Land and sea at abersoch do tractor launches which will save a lot of faffing about...
  14. Dunno how much your paying for 2 130 gti se with all hose extras but I would certainly look at the VXR Yamaha first, certainly faster........ AVOS in Preston is well worth a trip if your ever up that way....... This time of year ring ahead first.
  15. Dude you ordered it, nice skis, but personally I'd rather have as spark (light fun, easy on fuel) or a SVHO (big fast stable) the new GP1800 perhaps the best of both..... are you you buying the last of the 2016 stock cheap or new 2017 units? PS you won't tow anything withthat lambo.... Now if only u had a Ferrari ........