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  1. Newbie with yamaha gp 800 saying hello

    Nice ski, enjoy, do the rya course and join a club to get some experience a few round that way. Insurance is a must. the 800 motor is pretty reliable get the power valves checked upgrade with clips as they can break and cause damage. Also consider running ore mix if the oil pump fail the motor blows up if you pre mix no risk of failure. Might already be done find out! all skis need work from time to time hopefully your is a good one and not in need of major work. Guess you haven’t had it running under load on a lake or sea to water test it.....
  2. Yamaha fx sho

    They won’t be cheap get the part numbers here then get some prices See here: http://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche.com/4tec/showmodel.asp?Type=13&make=yamahapwc&a=159&b=26&c=0&d=2008 FX SUPER HO SIDE COVERS Parts from here: http://www.avoswatersportsden.co.uk/ or any other dealer or try eBay etc for someone breaking a ski Braver man than me buying a ski untested have you checked the compression or SC clutch condition? dixon001 has owned an sho and is local so would be ideal to help you
  3. Yamaha fx sho

    No worries pal enjoy your new ski! Hell of a first ski lol! http://onwater-training.com/rya-courses/pwc-jet-ski/
  4. Yamaha fx sho

    Oh the corner mouldings they weren’t originally painted from factory just black plastic and they do fade mine are greyish now i sent a message to one of the chaps who uses Hartlepool (he said more the merrier) so he should get in touch or join greenhulk and find him there norhibg beats riding with experienced skiers to improve your skills and confidence RYA course is a good day out if you haven’t done it a good place to start
  5. Yamaha fx sho

    Shark fins? You’d hate mine........ ski ocd seems common in the north east.... ski will charge battery when running is yours a yuasa yb16cl-b check water level and top up as required (that’s the oem spec) when they get a few years old they need replacing mine will be replaced this year as I’m needing to charge it regularly before I ride. worth getting the diagnostic software YDS1.33 under £100 on eBay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183047492312
  6. Yamaha fx sho

    I’m south west mate distinctive ski that, I know acouple of guys up in that area one I bought some parts from (for an sho) join in greenhulk and look out for dixon001 and Scott Paige they are in northeast and active both have yam SHO skis too http://www.greenhulk.net/forums/member.php?u=16348 http://www.greenhulk.net/forums/member.php?u=62618
  7. Yamaha fx sho

    How many hours? oil and plugs every year and you shouldn’t have too many issues apart from the emptying fuel tank..... looks like its had had plenty of paint, any after market parts been fitted? Only real weak point is the SC clutch the later clutch lasts better some fit a blow off valve to prevent the failure. i had a couple of sensors fail that’s about it on mine you can buy the diagnostic software for about £70 on eBay well worth it
  8. Yamaha fx sho

    Hi nice ski what year? Do yourself a favour try Facebook this place is dead....... few good pages jet skiing uk is one RYA PwC course is a good way to meet people if you haven’t done it. http://onwater-training.com/rya-courses/pwc-jet-ski/
  9. What seadoo model to go for?

    Enjoy it should be a blast!
  10. What seadoo model to go for?

    There are good and bad in both camps and they all break new or old. SC are more complex running higher hp so tend to have bigger issues when they go wrong. sparks are very reliable and holding money at the moment a used yam a less used doo and a spark are all the similar money.......£5-8k yam VX is a bigger option if you want stability but loads less fun
  11. What seadoo model to go for?

    Fast = supercharged reliable = not supercharged answer = Yamaha VXR good luck getting one for spark money..... or just get a spark ace fun relaible and quick might not do 70 but you’ll have a bigger grin also get on the sea and have a real blast
  12. GP1300R decals

    Try local Yamaha dealer or performance specialist like N&C jetski
  13. Kawasaki 440 & 550

    If they weren’t put away properly then starting them could be a bad idea... are they showroom perfect mint condition vintage machines lovingly stored? Or old wreckers dumped in a shed? Either way far more detail needed there is a vintage jet ski Facebook page which seems to be where most old crap changes hands for silly money....
  14. Circraft

    Erm it’s a boat? So pretty much anywhere as long as you comply with the rules, probably be tricky to insure location would help......