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  1. Timdog

    Herm dolphins

    Some dolphin spotting of the back of Herm
  2. Timdog


    Here's a video I managed to get, I was out with my girlfriend on my jet ski and we were coming back and suddenly a dolphin popped along side of us, I just happened to have my phantom with me and here is the best of the footage I got. It's had to steer a ski and a drone in the chop.
  3. Timdog

    Early start

    Myself and my friends went out extra early to get the water flat calm for a island spin. https://youtu.be/axqTLII9afA
  4. Timdog

    Kawasaki 310r

    Still available please inbox email address for photos
  5. Timdog

    Newbie looking for ski

    Yamaha fx series would be a great shout, they are a LOT more reliable then seadoos plus good storage and could easily go fishing off it
  6. Timdog

    Jet ski life

    Yeah timing chain went so brand new motor out of a gp1800 ??
  7. Timdog

    Jet ski life

    You can get a phantom 3 that has follow me mode for about £300
  8. Timdog

    Jet ski life

    Just get a cheap one that it won't matter if it does go in the water ??
  9. Timdog

    Jet ski life

    Just a quick video of my friend on his 2015 fzr with a brand new 2017 motor. More to come now the weather is getting better.
  10. Timdog

    Kawasaki 310r

    I can't upload photos onto here for some reason, I've posted on the pwc Facebook fourm page if you want pics or I can email them
  11. Timdog

    Kawasaki 310r

    Hi guys, I'm selling my 2014 Kawasaki 310r. It will be available at the end of march. 70+ hours but this will go up as still using it. It has just had new plugs, supercharger belt and the hull has been fully restored so no beaching marks. Great ski comes with roller trailer. I'm located in Guernsey but can have it shipped to Portsmouth for a small fee if you don't collect it yourself. £8500 Ono anyone wanting more info please inbox me.
  12. Timdog

    Yamaha GP1300R for sale in Hampshire

    If you are after one of these I know of one in great condition for 3k in Guernsey. Dm me if your keen
  13. Timdog

    Help and advice

    Hi, check for oil or gunk residue in the bottom of hull, that when it starts up its quick not over and over again. It's the same as any engine really just common sense. The best thing is to get it on the water! If you can't water test don't buy it
  14. Timdog

    Mobile flush through

    Get a video of it up and working when you finish it ??