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  1. Bar2

    Wanted Kawasaki ts

    That's lovely
  2. Hi how much you wanting for the sc and do you have any pics of it 

    1. wet`n`grinnin!!


      I have some on my pc which is feeling a bit poorly at the moment.  The ski is is buried in storage so i cant take any pics at the moment.  When my pc is back from surgery I will dig them out and send them to you.  Not sure on price probs around the £1800 mark, when you see the pics you will understand why.  Cheers  Darren

  3. Hi I am looking for a high compression head for a Kawasaki 750
  4. Hi all a friend of mine is looking for a old Kawasaki ts Jetski not bothered if it's running or not has anyone got one for sale
  5. Bar2

    Winter riding

    Hi sorry for the late reply yes we are there most weekends if you look on Facebook for loch Lomond freestyle Jetski that's us you would be more than welcome to join us
  6. Bar2

    Winter riding

    the water temp was 4* air temp was -2 but as long as you wear a dry suit and don't spend to much time in the water it still good fun
  7. Bar2

    Winter riding

    We were out on Loch Lomond it was cold but was a good day
  8. Hi all I have a js300 that I got for my son I have rebuilt the engine i also rebuilt the carb but it's still not running good is there anyone in Scotland that anyone can recommend to have a look at it
  9. Bar2

    Sbn 44 carb

    Hi I have a sbn 44 carb fitted to my Kawasaki x2 650 I have just rebuilt the carb and when it revs high it stutters any ideas
  10. Bar2

    Sbn 44 carb help

    Hi all I got my Kawasaki 650 barrels back from the jetski centre this week they were in getting a rebore and a piston kit fitted and they did a great job on them a had a couple of spare hours tonight so I put it all Back together and I now have 180 psi on both cylinders i rebuilt the carb also it's a mikuni sbn 44 what I now need to know is how to set the needles I know the bottom one is for tickover and top one is for 3/4 too wide open throttle but how do you set them
  11. Bar2

    Kawasaki js300

    Yes it's still for sale
  12. Bar2

    Kawasaki js300

    I have for sale a js300 I bought it for my son but change of plans so it its for sale only looking for £150 as it needs a engine rebuild the ski is complete all parts are there only the engine is striped
  13. I would go for for at least something 16ft with a 140 mercruiser loads of power and very reliable cheap for parts I have had my glastron since 1998 and love it
  14. Bar2

    Need help

    Hi all I am looking for someone to take a look at my ski it's a x2 650 the engine has just been rebuilt with a high compression head and west coast pipe it's misfiring and can be hard to start at times I think the carb needs set up or a service kit can anyone recommend anyone in Scotland that can take a look at it
  15. Bar2

    X2 rebuild

    Hi thanks for all the comments I hope to have the ski finished in the next couple of weeks I am still waiting on some jettrim mats coming and hope to get the engine in this weekend I made the seat cover my self I just fanced something different I normally ride on Loch Lomond with the Loch Lomond Jetski freestyle club great bunch of guys