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  1. If I stay over I usually camp at the camp site right next to the beach at Black Rock. You could also stay at Greenacres and hire a static. I have stayed in Porthmadog at the Travel Lodge with no problems, it's down the bottom of the town by the Aldi store.
  2. Westy

    Residual water in the hull

    Definitely don't use WD40. It will remove grease and can perish rubber.
  3. Westy

    A touch of class

    Looks great LVC I have only ever seen one in the flesh. Did you get it off Ebay ? That seat is just about wide enough for my Mrs arse! (note to self: close browser when finished)
  4. Yeh, it's all a bit green for me, I like to burn a bit of petrol and hear the engine snarling. ...but think of the fuel savings, ooh!
  5. Westy

    2017 Yamaha line up

    The VX HO is a lot of bang for buck . I think they're about £9,500 which would be the cheapest ski with the 1800 engine. The FX HO is a bigger and more stable ski. If you are thinking of spending a lot of time on the sea I would consider it. They sell for around £13,500. Both are great skis with the most reliable engine available in a jet ski. They also both have strong second hand value. It doesn't look like there is much difference in the 2017 versions of these skis (?) and you might be able to grab an end of season bargain on a 2016.
  6. Westy

    Seadoo spark dilemma

    How was the first ride and where's the pics?
  7. Westy

    Repair price

    It doesn't read to me that you slagged him off. It looks to me that it has been confirmed he gave you a fair price so he came off well. Good mechanics don't mind being questioned if they have nothing to hide. You did the right thing by asking the questions you asked. It's better to ask before you have the work done rather than after.
  8. Westy

    Many Polaris owners on here?

    I don't see many Polaris around these days, just occasionally. Where do you ski? I'm from the other side of the midlands.
  9. Westy

    Jet ski help

    Hi Lburr, there is no license as such for a jetski.....yet. You will need insurance to launch at most places, I wouldn't ride without it anyway. Insurance will cost you between £150 and £400 per year depending on the value of your ski.
  10. Westy

    2017 Yamaha line up

    Looks like the EX is aimed at entry level with a low price. Different kind of ski to a spark and fine for occasional users. They'll sell shedloads to the rental outfits who just want a ski that will start everyday and run all day with no problems. They'll be around £6500 in the UK.
  11. Westy

    2017 Yamaha line up

    Not much change to the FX apart from colours, 12v fag lighter socket and solar powered battery charger.
  12. Westy

    2017 Yamaha line up

    Yeh, that combo is going to take some beating.
  13. Westy

    2017 inside hint

    Of course it is but we were talking about why Yam won't change the engine. All skis are restricted to 70 ish if you want to go faster get modding.
  14. Westy

    2017 Yamaha line up

    Yams looking good this year.
  15. Westy

    2017 inside hint

    Yes it can easily produce more power and achieve 80mph without too much modding. Restricted to 70 (72) so why up it any more and put reliability at risk