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  1. I have a 1990 550sx piston port motor to which I have fitted crank seals, carb overhaul including needle & jet, cylinder hone & pump overhaul.She goes like a dream now once running but will rarely start with the pump in the water. I'm assuming the extra drag slows the starter down too much too get it going. I have a new battery & leads but it soon runs down and I resort to jump leads.I checked the compressions and am getting 125 & 105 which I guess won't help?I would appreciate any suggestions of checks I should make. I'm thinking of overhauling the original starter which I read on here is advisable rather than fitting a cheap one.Should I be thinking about swapping the flywheel. I've also read that the magnets become weak with time. The spark looks fine when cranking out of the water though.Thanks guys.
  2. I always wondered if this was the case! Genius Big Mik!
  3. Are you planning to run the standard air box? I was wondering how much noisier a K&N is
  4. Jlo

    550SX cooling barb

    Hi all, I'm new here. But I'm well on the way to renovating a 1990 Kawasaki 550SX and I've visited this site for info as a guest. I bought the ski in bits in a suitcase! some parts have been mislaid. And I havnt got the cooling connector that goes into the cylinder head. It normally has a connection for hose pipe cooling, but that's not essential. Does any one no where I can get this item or something that will fit? I think the thread is 10mm metric? and the pipe will be 8mm. One option is to tap it out to a BSP size & get a generic barb (lovely word) Cheers Jlo PS the pink is nothing to do with me!
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